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The Game 05-28-2011 03:59 AM

Multiple questions about my new yabby/crayfish
Hi all, I just bought a crayfish/yabby yesterday from the local pet store. It was being sold as a 'Yabby'. First off, I just want to know, is there really a difference between a yabby and freshwater crayfishes or are they just different names or slang terms. I have no clue as to what kind of yabby it is but its is a very light brown colour. It is currently between 4-5cm long as i picked the smallest one, which i figured was the youngest.
Next question, as it is a brown colour now, will it ever change its colour or will it stay the same colour as it is now. I read that feeding it frozen peas help bring out the blue, which made me a little curious about colour changing.
My next question is, at this stage, with a yabby this size, how often and what should i feed it? I fed it 3 shrimp pellets yesterday and this morning, I found a small earthworm, so i fed that to it as well. It ate both types of food. Should i try feeding it a thawed frozen pea as well? Not too sure if ive overfed it.
I also realised that this lil fellow is missing his 3rd right walking leg. I know that itll grow back eventually after moults, which leads on to my question. How often will it moult at this age and how many moults would it take for his leg to be back.
My last question is that i have a piece of driftwood in the tank and it has a little 'shelter' like protrusion coming out from it that the yabby really likes to hide and dig under to make it into a cave. So far, it has been hiding or resting underneath it a lot. I know they are nocturnal and true enough, it came out of hiding to do a little exploring when the lights were out. Will it ever come out during the day and wander around or is there anything i can do to make it feel more secure or more comfortable?
Other than that, no problems with the new pet which i love dearly. Oh right, i need a name for the lil fellow. I havent checked if it is a male or female yet, i plan to do it soon, but until then, does anyone have a nice cute, but still decent unisex name for it? I want a cool name but still cute LOL. THANKS

kane chisholme 05-28-2011 05:25 AM

Hi, I have some yabbies. There colour usually depends on their environment. Brown water will make them brown, green water = green yabby, shallow clear water = light blue yabby, deep clear water = dark blue yabby etc. They only grow to the size of there environment also so the bigger the tank the more he will moult but as he gets bigger moulting will slow down. A bad thing is though that they don't really come out much at day,
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The Game 05-28-2011 05:59 AM

oooh ok never knew the colour depended on the water colour or environment. Thats very interesting LOL. How often should i expect it to moult anyways? Every month at this age and will it stop moulting completely if the tank is too small for it??? Ive also noted that while hiding in its 'cave' it tends to lie on its side and clean its legs, is this normal behaviour or is there something wrong with it? It just lies on its side cleaning its legs but sometimes lays there motionless with the occasional twitch from a feeler. Should i be conccerned? I also decided to call it Tumble due to this behaviour as i see it as 'rolling over'.

kane chisholme 07-01-2011 04:37 AM

Well to tell the truth, mine dont actually do that so not sure what yours is up to. Cool name though hahaha
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