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Andarial 05-27-2011 06:37 PM

New Ideas For My Tank
Ok so I've always kept community fish. Now I'm thinking about going semi-aggressive, though I wonder if that would still be called community. Anyways right now I have three guppies and four platies, mom is making me wait until they die to set up a new type of fish tank. I am not looking forward to seeing them die but I do know I am taking good care of them until then, I will be keeping my eel, my crab, and my four ottos (soon to be five), oh and my siamese algae eater. What I am wondering is what I should put in my 25 gallon with them? I was thinking about a loach, though I am wondering if that is too many bottom feeders. The next I was wondering is if I should get some Gouramis? Or are they too big for my tank? Are there angel fish that could fit in a 25 gallon? Anything else is welcome. I know I definitely don't want guppies again ._.' they dies to fast and I get so attached.

Sorry for all the info and being gone for so long

bettababy 05-28-2011 01:52 AM

That is quite a mismatched group of fish in the tank currently, I can see why there would be an issue keeping guppies and other livebearers thriving in that tank. Dwarf puffers, while small, can cause quite a bit of stress and physical harm in chewing on other, more peaceful fish, even ones bigger than themselves. Siamese algae eaters, as they mature, also can get quite aggressive and will hunt smaller, weaker fish. Peacock eels are predatory as well, and if it fits in the mouth it is potential food. Considering they average about 6 - 8 inches long in home aquaria, they have the potential to grow to 12 inches.

Your take on mixing loaches into that tank once the livebearers are gone is correct. Too many bottom feeders that will need to fight for territory and food in a small environment. Not a good idea.

You didn't mention your plans for the dwarf puffer? Is it to remain in this tank? That will make a big difference as to what can be kept in there.

Angels for a 25 gallon? Nope.

Minus the puffer you might want to consider dwarf gouramis instead of standard. They would be better suited to that size tank and should still be able to hold their own against everything else, just don't mix a bunch of males into the same tank or they will fight. If you could get a pair of same species dwarfs, that could be a great mix for you and offer a mid to upper dwelling fish. Be sure with gouramis to add decor to the upper level of the tank so they have shelter where they need it. Tall plants that reach the surface or lay slightly over the surface, or floating plants all work well. They don't have to be live plants to work, as long as it breaks up the big open space. If you have plants down below be careful not to shade them out too much from the light.

Other ideas, without the puffer and without gouramis would be things such as tiger barbs, rosy barbs, odessa barbs, cherry barbs, gold barbs, most barbs would work well. Watch odessa barbs, make sure they're big enough to not become eel food before introducing them. All of the barbs I listed can be mixed, so a small group of 2 different species would make for a pretty mix. (a male/female pair of each can be very pretty) Be careful not to over stock the tank.

If you need more suggestions let me know, I can think of a lot of possibilities.

Andarial 05-28-2011 04:04 PM

Siamese Algae Eaters are peaceful or so I read but he has yet to really grow any. My Dwarf Puffer I am hoping to get another aquarium for, but I have yet to talk to my mom about it, if I can't what should I do? She is quite calm compared to what I've heard about most dwarf puffers the only time I have ever seen her chase another fish is when the platys go after her. .___.' I swear my fish don't know what kind they are.

My peacock eel was an accident, got him as a present from my grandparents and I just don't know what to do with him. He has yet to eat any other fish as I keep him well fed, I feed him blood worms three-four times a week, and he sometimes gets a ghost shrimp. I figure since he gets a ghost shrimp or two (depending on how big they are) about once a week he gets rid of his predatory needs. But right now he's only about 3-4 inches and has yet to really grow any larger. It kind of worries me? Is he not getting enough food?

I think my my eel when he outgrows this tank, I will get a new tank hopefully for him, much bigger like maybe a 55 gallon. But to say what I really want to say once again is YES, I do want to get another tank for the Cairo, my puffer. I just don't know if I should use my ten gallon or go out and buy a five gallon? I was thinking just stay with the ten gallon though I'm not sure where I'd put it.I can try to convince my mom too XD

Andarial 05-28-2011 05:07 PM

It wouldn't let me edit my post so sorry for the double post. Actually I just asked my mom right now and she said yes to the addition of my ten gallon tank. I just need to get a new hood for it in my opinion it looks way too old. I plan on filling the ten gallon with all plants and driftwood. But it will take some time to get it ready. I was wondering whether I should do a fishless or a fish cycle? Which do you think is better? I also need to get another power strip before I can really start.

bettababy 05-28-2011 05:07 PM

IF it is a true siamese algae eater, then I won't worry too much right now while the eel is so small, however, at least 80% of the fish out in the retail market listed as siamese algae eaters not not the real thing. It can be difficult to tell them apart, they often come in mislabeled from the wholesaler. Have you verified for sure what species you have?
Many siamese algae eaters turn out to be chinese algae eaters, (Gyrinocheilidae) which can get very aggressive as they mature.

The true siamese algae eaters will stay small enough I would more worry that it would eventually become eel food, especially with the eel having a more rapid growth rate than the SAE.

I can't tell you what to do with your fish, that is between you and your parents. One suggestion, if you have something that you can't accommodate long term, try talking to the lfs and see if they will take them, sometimes they will trade for other supplies or fish that are better suited to your tank environment. They won't offer you full retail value (what you paid for them) because they need to be able to resell them... but it can be better than nothing.

One last suggestion for you, so you can avoid more mismatched tank mates in the future... try letting your family and friends know that buying live fish for you is not a good idea, its safer to offer you a gift certificate/gift card so you can purchase animals that fit into your tank without problems, or supplies to help with the fish you already have.Most lfs's have gift cards available.

Planning ahead is important in fish keeping. Healthy fish will usually grow quickly, leaving for an overcrowded tank with issues long before many can afford to upgrade the tank size. When it comes to relying on parents to give the ok for a larger or another tank the same problems often arise. You might want to get your mom involved at this point, explain to her what each fish is, what its specific needs are, and what its going to grow into, and ask her what you are allowed to do about the problem you are now facing. She may surprise you and be ok with another tank, or at very least, she may be able to help you talk to the lfs to get them to take the ones you can't keep long term in that tank. Mom's can be very helpful that way. ;-)

Good luck to you!

Andarial 05-28-2011 05:19 PM

I think it is a true one, because I looked it up and read about it and it looks like they said. All he seems to be interested in is the fish food XD and sometimes the algae. Since I now have the ten gallon I am able to move my puffer over as soon as I have it set up. If my eel does become a problem and starts to show interest in my other fish I will definitely give him to my LFS. They are good about taking in my baby fish so I'm sure they'd be fine with him. I wish they hadn't bought him though >.< I will definitely tell them to get me gift cards instead.

I feel so new to this even though I have been doing it for five years. I just really started to understand it though.

Would a honey gourami be okay in my 25 gallon? Oh wait they are Dwarf Gouramis are they?

bettababy 05-29-2011 02:11 AM

Yes, the honey gourami is one of the dwarf gouramis, they are one of the smallest but very beautiful.

What can you tell me about the crab? Can you post any photos of your tank and your crab? If, as I am suspecting, you have a fiddler crab, these need to be able to get out of the water, and they do better in brackish water than fresh. Crabs are well known for eating small fish if they can catch them, especially long finned fish such as fancy guppies. There may be a way to set up your 10 gallon for both crab and puffer and still meet most of their needs (except the salt/brackish conditions) which would free up the space in the larger tank for the new fish you want.

Andarial 05-29-2011 12:00 PM

The crab is actually a red Thai crab, sorry I can't post any pics I can't find my camera right now, I have a place where she can just get out of the water, but I think switching her over to the other tank would be a good idea. She might be happier there and less competition for food. She rarely goes after my fish that I've seen that is, unless its babies and then I can't really stop her. She does however like to scavenge the bodies and it takes me forever to find them as she pulls them into hiding places XDDD, but moving her into the ten gallon sounds like an awesome idea, she and my puffer seem to get along fine for a crab and fish. The only time I've really seen her go after the adults is when she feels her territory/hiding place at the moment is threatened.

Andarial 05-30-2011 10:06 PM

Another question considering I just got my power strip, I was wondering if I planted my tank heavily how long I would have to wait for my tank to cycle?

Byron 05-31-2011 12:54 PM


Originally Posted by Andarial (Post 688077)
Another question considering I just got my power strip, I was wondering if I planted my tank heavily how long I would have to wait for my tank to cycle?

If you plant it well (lots of plants) and include some fast growing species (stem plants for example) and have floating plants in the mix, you could add a fish at the start (after plants are in). I'm not sure exactly what fish you are thinking of, several were mentioned but some are not advisable as Dawn pointed out. With enough plants and fish added slowly over time, there will be no cycling issues. I have set up dozens of tanks this way.


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