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fashionfobie 05-25-2011 08:57 AM

Rosy Barbs
I have 5 Rosy Barbs and I just wanted to share my experience with them thus far. First of all I purchased them for my 56 Gallon to help with some hair algae and within 3 days hair algae was very hard to find. They definitely do munch away at it. They are pretty entertaining fish and spend most of their time together. They mostly nibble in between plant leaves and decor surfaces. They prefer spending time in the current from the filter. I house them with some amano shrimp and I have yet to have a problem. However all of my amanos are over two years old and are at the maximum size. I am housing them with two honey gouramis as well. I know this might not be the best combination but I thought with my tank there should be enough space for everyone to feel safe. The Rosys don't even pay attention to the gouramis. I have several plants and plan on adding some more. I also have top covering plants. My gouramis seem to favor the calmer side of the tank as could be expected. I would say on of my largest challenges with them is that the rosys are very ambitious eaters when it is feeding time I need to feed a little to grab their attention and then add more for t he other fishi, otherwise they will piggishly eat everything.

In conclusion:
-Definitely decimate hair algae
-No problems with large amano shrimp

redchigh 05-25-2011 09:07 AM

Are you sure it wasn't the amano shrimps that ate the algae? They're great algae eaters...

fashionfobie 05-25-2011 09:26 AM

I am 100% certain :-) My amanos have eaten like kings for the past two years, however they were never able to take down the population of algae. I am well aware of the diets of amanos they are awesome shrimp :lol: My hair algae was really out of control and for a long time, it was why I first bought amanos. However the rosys really made a dent to the algae very quickly.

Also my aquatic plant population is thriving now too and I am sure that will help finish off the remains of hair algae now that they plants will consume more k.

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