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MattD 07-25-2007 06:08 PM

African Butterfly Fish
I recently put one in my tank and these are excellent fish. He is very interesting to watch, and seem very relaxed, provided that a few floating plants are in place. He attacks his food with great ferocity, and gets along nicely with my Betta, despite that they're both top dwellers. There's enough room for the both of them. :o

I'll post some pictures soon. :idea:

Lupin 07-25-2007 06:09 PM

I can't wait to see the pics.:mrgreen:

MattD 07-26-2007 09:14 AM

I'll take them tonight during feeding. I've decided to name him Hook, since I noticed he has minor damage to his right 'wing'. The end of it seems to be missing slightly, resulting in a 'hook' at the tip of his fin. Yesterday he attacked the Mysis shrimp I fed him so voraciously that water actually splashed out of the tank. He has great power for only a 2-inch long creature. :lol: :lol: 8) 8)

MattD 07-29-2007 05:50 PM

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