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excal88 05-23-2011 02:55 AM

planning for a 28 gallon tank
Hey guys, I'm planning on getting a 28 gallon tank *acrylic, comes with stand for 150, found it on craigslist* and I just wanted to see how this setup sounds. Dimensions of the tank is 36" L, 10" W, and 16" H. (Just curious, I did the calculations, and it came out to 24.76 gallons. I'll be sure to double check with the owner. Is it common for manufacturers to be a few gallons short?)

For substrate, I'll be using 2" worth of playsand. Filter wise, I'll be using 2 sponge filters, 1 moving water bed filter, and a marineland duetto 100 submersible filter, and a power head. I'll be using quite a few pieces of driftwood, probably 1 large piece as a center piece, 1 medium size piece and 2 smaller pieces. Plant wise, I'm looking at 4-5 bunches of anacharis, 4 wisteria, 2-3 java ferns, 8-10 anubias plants, 2-3 banana plants, and maybe 2 amazon swords.

Lighting wise I'm looking at the marineland LED double bright lighting system, with either the 600 lumens or 1200 lumens setup.

Stocking wise, I'm planning on 3 sunburst wag platys, 4 sterbai cory cats, 4 panda cory cats, 4 julii cory cats, 8-10 cherry shrimp, and 2 bamboo shrimp. Snail wise I'm looking at a few assassin snails, MTS, and a few pouch snails. Depending on how stocking goes, I might get some other fish as well *any suggestions? :D*

Heating wise I'm looking at aqueon heaters.

How does this sound as a check list?

andynco 05-23-2011 03:01 AM

Hello, On the manufacturers on the tank sizes are always rounding up.

excal88 05-23-2011 03:20 AM

Interesting. Didn't know they rounded up that much though.

brownmane 05-23-2011 12:18 PM

I'm quite new to tropical fish and don't have much experience with set ups, but the fish and plants you're planning on keeping sound great! Lots of fun.

Byron 05-23-2011 01:55 PM

There is a difference between Imperial Gallons and US Gallons. I can't remember the formula, but they are different.

Your plants are low/moderate light requiring except for the Wisteria which takes more brightness than the others to grow well. I am not familiar with LED lighting or that system, so I cannot comment if it is too much for the low/moderate light plants. I would carefully check into this though. If you have high light, you need more nutrients to balance or you will have a tank of algae. CO2 is a macro-nutrient that often falls short with high light. CO2 is not necessary for those plants, so it will probably be sufficient from the organics and fish, but the light must be balanced and not beyond that balance.


excal88 05-23-2011 10:45 PM

Hmm. Ok, I'll look into it for the LEDs, but so far from what I read LEDs are pretty decent. I'll most likely get the lower power one at 600 lumens.

spike0544 05-24-2011 05:53 PM

I am no expert and I may be wrong but I believe assassin snails eat other snails. Something you may want to look into. Sounds like a great tank otherwise.

Byron 05-24-2011 05:57 PM


Originally Posted by excal88 (Post 681593)
Hmm. Ok, I'll look into it for the LEDs, but so far from what I read LEDs are pretty decent. I'll most likely get the lower power one at 600 lumens.

There are comments on LED light from other members in your other thread

It is generally not advisable to ask the same questions in different posts because some members see only one and it is best for you and all of us to keep the responses together. Sometimes we stimulate each other's thinking. And we can all learn from the other person's experience.

excal88 05-25-2011 12:04 AM

Yea, sorry about that. Made that thread for specifically LED questions, and got off topic with this one. Anyways, got my tank set up, and will be setting up a log for the newer members to see how things go. Trying something extremely different; using safestart and seachem stability, with seeding material from a tank and used filter media *also from the old tank*. Will continue this in a new thread as to not get things cluttered up.

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