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auto 05-20-2011 05:08 PM

Need help, think my cichlid is sick..
Let me start off with my name is Luis, I have a custom tank I made around 10 gallons.
My tank is around 78 Degrees, I have the actual thermometer on the back side of the tank..
Cause I had a leak so I currently have a regular one on the side that leaked to observe it..
Yes I used Aquarium silicone, specifically All-Glass(R) brand.
I have 3 Cichlids, and a tiny RES in the tank. My RES doesn't bother them, nor vice versa.
I've have the Cichlids since 5/9/2011, still got like 21 days left on my Petco Guarantee.
They have been perfectly normal but yesterday I noticed my Kenyi has been acting sluggish.
I just came back from work as he is still acting sluggish, I can literally put my hand in and touch him..
Most of the times he literally stays on top of the gravel.. Kinda slanted.. And he looks as if he can't swim properly when he does swim..
I am worried, and I don't want him to die.. I don't see a hole in his head, or white stuff on his mouth.
His fins aren't damaged.. Any suggestions?

While I am here, I have another question. What do cichlids like to eat really?
Cause They seem to have a problem with TetraMin Tropical Flakes -____-"
They seem to spit the brown and red ones back out a lot,
sometimes it's like.. they don't want to even eat :|
The flakes are on the bottom daily since I put a lot of flakes, cause my RES seems to like them more than his pellets. -______________________-"
He never had a problem with the pellets until I introduced Fish Flakes into the tank.

DarkMaster Y0da 05-20-2011 05:50 PM

return the fish your tank is too small they will get up to 5in cichlids are territorial and that one might be getting picked on cause its the weakest

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