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somethingisfishy 07-24-2007 11:13 AM

Death-defying Danios
I continue to be amazed at how hardy these fish are.

My latest screwup - I was cleaning the tank, had everything out, including the tube and screen assembly which draws water into the filter. I was done, and put everything back in - except for said tube/screen assembly, which I forgot - and plugged the filter/heater/light back in.

Next thing I know there's a fish sitting on top of the filter media. That can't be good. Without benefit of the screen a fish got "sucked up"! Unplugged everything and got the fish back in the water. He was alive but I didn't expect him to be for long, he was mostly sitting still in the water and looking very stunned. One pectoral fin was missing, with a bloody stump in its place. (Keep in mind the fish somehow survived a trip through the impeller.)

But, lo and behold, within 24 hours he was swimming around like nothing had happened. Wow.

mHeinitz57 07-24-2007 12:50 PM

haha wow! danios are pretty bullet proof, hence being labelled as good "starter fish". I'm glad the little guy survived!

Andyandsue 07-25-2007 08:43 AM

Danios get a bad rap for being inexpensive and hardy-but what's wrong with that! I love my danios. I cycled with them and still have them and some additions. They are fun to watch too.

You might want to add a little melafix to the tank to help clear up the injury without infection.

mcdanielnc89 07-25-2007 01:19 PM

lol.. yes they are some pretty cool and hardy fish.. glad hes okay..

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