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BadFishDaddy 05-18-2011 07:58 PM

Tail rot
Hi everyone,

Sorry to post this as I know it has been discussed several times. I have a black molly that suddenly developed tail rot (looks like it may already be spreading to his body adn his eye is cloudy).

I am on my way to get the Maracyns, however, I will be leaving town for 3 days on Friday. What is my best bet to help my fish?

I already have aquarium salt in the tank and will do a water change tonight, tomorrow and Friday before I leave.

Should I isolate him and treat just him or treat the whole tank (I think some of my other fish may have died from it as well, but it wasn't very clear at that time.)

In my 60 gallon tank I have 8 lemon tetras, 6 other tetras (name starts with a P...sorry I can't remember right now). 4 platys, 2 mollys, a pleco, 3 upside down cats and a mystery snail.

Amonia 0.25 (same as tap water), nitrate/nitrite 0, gh 11, kh 3, ph 7.4, water temp 74

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

BadFishDaddy 05-19-2011 11:28 AM

More info,

I had a fish die today from what appears to be ick. I didn't see it last night. My wife said the fish didn't look good this morning, and 20 minutes later he was dead :cry: I am now treating the entire tank for Ick (except the snail which I have removed into a safe tank and the Molly with the fin and tail rot which I have in a hospital tank). I do have at least one tetra that looks like he may have ick too. :BIGsad:

Teishokue 05-19-2011 11:32 AM

For sickness, look to see what fish is doing, how its doing, is any other fish affected?
second QT sick fish
salt is good
make sure you look up information

fin rot should be reduced if you have salt in the tank
make sure you know your fish type. for example fish that nip will have more of an occurance of fin rot so you need salt. best way to avoid sickness is to prevent it from happening. same with humans

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