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twoinchina 07-15-2007 06:39 AM

PLease help save my Angel
First of all hello and thank you in advance for all the advice you can give on the subject - it's highly appreciated.

Here's the situation: in my tank I have 3 angel fish (plus 2 plecos, 2 pearl gouramis and 1 swordtail), 2 of them seem to be doing fine, one however developed a swelling around the abdomen area and the eyes are bulging out. I think it all started with the eyes, and the swelling developed almost right after.

It does not eat (though I've seen it attempt to a couple of times a few days after the illness started) and hides behind the filter a lot.

I usually turn off the filter when I feed the fish - so that the food would not be sucked in right away, and at those times he comes out and swims around sometimes.

He looks like a big bubble, but his scales are not protruding.

It's been more than a week and I have been watching him, and his behavior has not changed. He is not getting more sick or at least it does not look so. I might be mistaken, but I think the swelling of the eyes went down a tiny little bit today, but I'm not entirely sure.

He's not lethargic or anything, and still reacts to everything.

I thought it was constipation, but unfortunately the brine shrimp and green peas are not available where I live, and neither is cod liver oil.
I have only seen fecies come out of him once since he got sick though - short and white (forgive the details).

I wonder what it might be, I left him alone for a while not knowing what to do (in reality, none of the fish I have medicated in the past survived in the hospital tank, so I'm hesitant to do anything afraid to make things worse).

He's been sick for a bit more than a week now, and the condition just stays the same.

Today he kind of started moving around the tank a bit more, I wonder if that the the reduction in eye swelling are interconnected.

The PH in the tank is fairly high - about 8 (i tried to lower it, but the water's pretty hard, so it went right back up). That's all I know about water quality in my tank :( (Plus the mineral content is really high - the glass looks all frosted on the inside, just happened one day, spread out like forest fire :S)

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

Background info:
The tank was set up about a month and a half ago after about 3 weeks cycling it before the fish was added in (nitrobacteria added and all), so when I added the fish, there was no bacterial bloom or cloudiness.

I lost 3 fish since then - 1 black angel (he died first - just never ate or moved around really, just hid ever since the first day, and eventually died :( my assumption is that the alkalinity of the water was the culprit).

Second fish to die - about 1.5 weeks later - was a pearl gourami - she ate and moved around and never showed any signs of disease and distress, but in the morning I woke up and found her floating around dead. Still wondering what happened.

Third fish was one of my 2 swordtails - the filter broke and was off for a wile unnoticed, the oxygenizer broke with it (built into the filter) so the oxygen levels went down, I presume that's what killed the fish that was ompletely fine before that.

The tank is 10 gallons, 2 layers of filter mateial (whatever you call it) plus activated charcoal.

nvmyluv420 07-15-2007 11:17 AM

your problem is probally ammonia. i just went through the same thing but you have way to many fish in your ten gal. im not sure how big any of your fish are but i would advise you to not have more than 1 small angel in a 10 gal. when i first started off i made the same mistake, blameing petsmart because they told me its fine. angels grow very fast and get very big. they also like high ph and hard water but are very sensitive to ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. how often are you feeding them? plecos also will out grow your tank i think they get up to 12 inches. im sorry to hear about your delema but if you could find like a 30 gal. tall or anything larger for cheap or for free i would advise you to do that and move your angels and plecos (once they get to about 5 inches) in to a different tank. as far as testing the water the api liqid test kit is the best out there though a little on the expensive side. i dont think your angels suffering from disease which is good because you might be able to correct it, im pretty sure its a case of overcrowding and over feeding.

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