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kaytee576 07-14-2007 06:19 PM

Crayfish help PLEASE
Hi hope you can help? I have a few questions please bare with me and SORRY xx
1..Is it true Crayfish are escape artists? Well I ask this as I have blocked up all the holes at the back of my fish tank where the leads come out of, and now I am worrying as where can the heat from the light escape to?

2...Is my water Level to high? cant make up my mind? Sorry my tank looks blurry and yellowish the water is cloudy and I dont know why? hope this wont hurt?

3...Do Crayfish Hate the Light? As Every time I turn my tank light off they come out, put it back on and they hide :(

4...Can crayfish die without filters and air pumps? I heard this is true so I brought both a filter, air pump and two live plants for extra oxygen.

PLEASE HELP ME xxx This is a pic of the foil and parcel tape covering the holes at the back oops :oops:

fish_4_all 07-14-2007 08:38 PM

ok, it is true they are escape artists but it is more important to make sure the holes are small and not to seal the tank completely. The most likely escape route is the filter opening because they will push through the opening and lift the lid if it has one so secure the lid with a rubber band or a weigth on top of it.

Yes they do need filtration and circulation just like any other aquatic animal. The filter to control and eliminate ammonia and nitrites and circulation to keep the tank from going stagnant.

Water level won't matter as far as escaping, if they can find a way out the water could be 6 inches below the top and they would still find a way.

Crayfish can be trained to come out during the day but it takes time and a bright light will not be helpful. As for live plants, thety will likely be eaten in a short time as Crayfish are omnivores and believe it or not most of them live on vegetable matter more than meat.

If you can find it, get some Egg Crate, it is in the ligthing isle of most hard ware stores and use that to cover the holes in the tank. This allows for air to get in and out and also has small enough holes that the crayfish won't get out.

The best advice now is to be patient and take it slow. Make sure to keep the water as clean as you can if you didn't cycle the tank because ammonia is even deadlier to crusteceans than some fish.

Lupin 07-14-2007 08:41 PM

Moved. Crayfish are freshwater, not marine.;)

By the way, welcome to, Kaytee.:wave:

Mating Slinkys 07-25-2007 07:13 AM

How old is your cray? Mine was really shy of the light at first, but as she got bigger she started coming out whenever she feels like it. She's out and about quite often now, but will dart into her cave if i make any sudden movements in the room! I've been loving keeping my cray, it's awesome to look at and so interesting in it's behaviour!

bullseye69 07-28-2007 09:33 PM

My blue cray always try's to get out by climbing the air line tube, but seems to loose grip. she did not like light at first but she now comes out during the day. yes they do need alot of oxygen the warmer you keep the tank the more oxygen you need exchanged in. I hope you enjoy your cray.

R-DUB 07-29-2007 03:45 PM

These guys are escape artists. Mine tend to climb the heater and then onto a power head. I have found him in my computer room later! I blocked the open area behind the hood with a plastic mesh sold at local hardware store. Egg crate or light diffuser would also work. I would also keep light down but not out. They tend to enjoy shady areas of the tank. Maybe try giving more hiding areas to provide some sanctuary when he is stressed. I have enjoyed keeping several crayfish over the years and find him one of my prized specimens of all my fish and inverts.IMHO Good Luck!

LivingAquatic 09-01-2007 09:22 AM

Please keep in mind that different species react and behave in different ways. Some crayfish species are notorious for being escape artist. There are some however that if there home is suitable they will be more then content to set up shop rather than making a b-line for any opening.

Crayfish do need lots of aeration.

I would also like to add that if the sun came up in a split second while I was standing outside at 12 pm midnight and some scary being was looking down at me thats over 1000 times my size ... I would run and hide to.

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