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Zeetrain 05-12-2011 11:52 PM

55gal Stock Suggestions?
So I plan on moving all of my fish out of my 55gal in the next few days and into my 90gal. The only fish that will be left in it is a Bristlenose Pleco. I also plan on putting in 2 Scalare Angelfish that have been in quarantine for 2 weeks. The pH of the 55gal is like 7.3 or 7.4. Im running a Eheim Pro II 2060 on it.
So the current stock will be: 1 Bristlenose Pleco and 2 Scalare Angelfish
Im thinking about adding a Blue Ram or a Bolivian Ram. I also want to get a school of Cardinal Tetra (I would prefer Neon Tetra but I know theres a chance Angelfish will eat them). Ill also be getting a school of cories, most likely panda or albino or both.
What are your suggestions?

Byron 05-16-2011 12:30 PM

Angelfish at maturity will readily eat neon or cardinal tetra, or try to. Now, having said that, other members have probably had success keeping these fish together. But the possibility is there, since angels consider smaller fish prey, and none of us can alter how a fish species is programmed by nature.

As mid-water companions to angelfish, I would look at some of the species in Hyphessobrycon, particularly the rosy tetra clade. There are more than 30 species, several are in our profiles--use the scientific listing and check out the species in Hyphessobrycon for any you might like. These fish, being "disk" shaped similar to the angels, and attaining a decent size, usually work very well with angels and discus, and most can manage at the higher temps. [Another negative for neon tetra, they easily burn out over 78F]. Checking the angelfish profile [click the shaded name Pterophyllum scalare] may give you other ideas too.

I would also recommend a larger group of angels, five minimum; but if you have a pair that are "established" it is best to leave well enough alone. Adding new angels to fish in an established tank frequently results in bullying to the death.

Substrate fish are not usually an issue for angelfish. Corydoras, BN pleco, some of the smaller peaceful catfish like Whiptail Catfish and Twig Catfish depending upon water parameters. Angelfish like warm temperatures, though commercially-raised fish do well at the lower end of their range which will suit most corys. If you have wild angels or keep them warmer, above 80F, many of the Cory species will not last.


Zeetrain 05-16-2011 11:39 PM

Thanks for the info Byron but I already got some tetras for the tank. I do have the ability to move the angels to my 90 gallon in the future if need be.

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