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excal88 05-11-2011 11:19 PM

Assassin snails being super lazy
Hey guys! So I bought 3 assassin snails for my 12 gallon to take care of an exploding pouch snail population, but so far all they've done is sit burrowed in the sand, not doing anything. So far they only eaten 2 pouch snails. Are they always this lazy, or did I just get a bad batch? Just curious as I'm actually a little humored by their lack of energy. Hahaha.

InvertPlanet 05-11-2011 11:54 PM

they can only eat so much at once ;)

They will do their job but it takes time. Sometimes they are like lurkers and wait in the sand until one passes over. Then off they go at top snail speed for the kill.

excal88 05-12-2011 03:10 AM

Haha. It seems like it. But they really are ninjas. One moment they're there, and then the next they're gone. I might buy some more as I have now counted 10 pouch snail egg bunches. And I just got 7 trumpet snails for 2 bucks, as the LFS I went to wanted to get rid of as many as they can. They're definitely prettier than the pouch snails, but I'm hoping things will get under control @_@

I also do think the trumpet snails do a better job at eating up the food and algae. Hahaha.

Teishokue 05-12-2011 05:19 AM

Id advise NOT to put in they themselves are part of the pest snails for prolific reasons... ive been trying to get rid of my trumpets but they wont go away. you should post your tank parameters. how big, filtration, water quality etc....i currently have 8 assassins in my 20 gallon tank. currently obliterating snail population. i have to supply 20-40 snails per week and take out about 10-30 shells. assassins usually go about 1 snail per day, depending on the size of the pest snail feasted upon. they tend to be picky eaters. usually going picking first from Ramshorns > pond/pouch snails > MTS(malasian trumpets). currently all my MTS are alive -.- they dont touch my mts so i have way too many MTS in my tank. even the fish doesnt like MTS meat compared to ramshorn meat. Id advise taking those snail egg pouches out and setting it into a small container for future food supply if you have a small aquarium. otherwise a large aquarium would take a while to consume.
dont worry bout the lazy assassins. they will do thier own thing. just remember to keep an eye on them. once a snail is dead, you will know it.

excal88 05-12-2011 05:48 AM

Oh I'm not worried at all. I have an algae outbreak, so the snails are doing their job quite well. I like the trumpets, quite nice to look at. But I'm just more curious on the assassin snails, as I've read that some people had assassin snails wipe out an entire tank in a day or two, but right now my assassins are doing half of their namesake, and just hiding in the sand. Haha. I did find 2 more empty pouch snail shells today, so maybe they're just being super ninjas. Haha.

And I put the trumpets in cause they help turn the sand, preventing dead pockets from forming. So for now, they shall be spared....haha.

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