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ssourbeck 05-11-2011 10:08 AM

Almost through cycle
Hi. My 30 gallon tank (fake plastic plants only and cave,) is almost done cycling! My question is, is there anyone out there that can guide me as to what exactly to do once it has? Example: how much of a water change, how thoroughly to clean/scrub fake plants and cave ( they are pretty slimy), how well to vacuum gravel substrate? I am afraid of 'cleaning' off too much of the 'good' bacteria. Thanks!
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onefish2fish 05-11-2011 10:20 AM

how did you cycle? pure ammonia or did you "feed" the tank food?

if you fed the tank food, i would gravel vac about half the tanks gravel and next water change you can alter to the other half. a 5 gallon bucket would be plenty of water to remove, even half the bucket would be okay as 3 gallons would be 10%
after doing this water change you can always check your params. after a short time to see if/how they were effected.
i wouldnt clean any fake plants or the cave, maybe give them a light shake to knock loose anything thats an eye-sore prior to using the gravel vac but you wont want to remove them to give them a thorough clean as this would kill all the bacteria them.

exciting isnt it? have you come up with a stocking list?

ssourbeck 05-11-2011 10:33 AM

Hi! Thanks! I used fish flakes. We're going on 10 weeks now so we'll be excited when it's done! No list yet... Suggestions? Our 13 gallon has two male platies and 4 black skirted tetras and everybody is happy! We also had two black mollies when we first started but one kept attacking the other (until it was lying on it's side on the bottom) so we took them back. Too much stress for me.... I want peaceful and calm! :)
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