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comando489 07-11-2007 05:11 PM

Help me ID my fish
I just bought these fish about a week ago and I want to get a list of what i have in the tank.

I know i have

#1- 6 zebra danios (3 short fins, 3 long fins)
(no picture)

#2- 1 gold angle fish

#3- 1 ??? (i really want to know what this guy is, he has striped fins and only comes out at night.)

#4- 3 ??? (one male two females)

#5- 2 ???

leifthebunny 07-11-2007 05:46 PM

The orange fish are sword tails and the last pair of pictures are of black skirt tetras.

The catfish I'm not sure on, but might be a syno catfish.

The-Wolf 07-12-2007 01:04 AM

#3-1 a Synodontis catfish
check here for exactly which one

#5-2 Black widow AKA black skirt tetra (long fin variety) Gymnocorymbus ternetzi

and to confirm the others are indeed swordtails Xiphophorus hellerii

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