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lunawatsername 05-08-2011 11:03 PM

just got ADFs. need advise!
so i just got 2 cute little african dwarf frogs. Clyde Frog and Bonnie :) but i just havea couple questions about them that i couldnt find an answer to in their profile (i may have just missed it, if so sorry for not paying attention :oops:) so i was wondering, do you acclimate them the same way fish do? i know they need live or frozen food, but how often/ how much do you feed them? do you use the same water purifiers for them as you do for other tropical fish? just want to make sure im doing everything i can for them :) if you ahve any other advise you feel would be helpful, im all ears! :thankyou:

and i can already tell that the zen pose they do is going to have me freaking out about 90 times a day... :| they just look so... well, dead. :shock:

HMlairy 05-10-2011 01:57 AM

Yup you need to condition the water like for fishies.
Not sure about feeding but guessing that it is twice a day like fish :)

lunawatsername 05-10-2011 02:06 AM

thanks i did when i put them in :)

one of them died tho, she was all bloated and didnt move even when i poked her a few times, so i watched her for a long time to try to see if she was breathing or anything but couldnt really tell (it didnt seem like it tho) so i took her out and watched her, and she wasnt breathing at all :( do frogs get dropsy too? im so worried about Clyde Frog now... i think he might be dying too. is there anything i can do??

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