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zeus50 07-10-2007 08:33 AM

water filtering question
Just wondering...would putting water through a brita filter be good for tanks? just curious...



Gump 07-10-2007 08:35 AM

I belive brita filters are just carbon filters. So if you have carbon in your filter wouldn't that do the same thing? I could see this work on a small tank but i don't think there would be any benefits to it.

zeus50 07-10-2007 08:39 AM

what's funny is...right after i hit post...apparently twice...that thought went through my head and i was like.... DOH!!!

Thanks though

leifthebunny 07-10-2007 08:42 AM

If it's just carbon, I wouldn't worry about it. If it "softens" the water, then I wouldn't recommend it. Sink water softeners just trade one compound for another to make it feel softer, but it not any softer as far as fish are concerned.

mHeinitz57 07-10-2007 11:50 AM

I believe brita filters are a little more than just carbon and contain a chlorine removing agent as well..but I could be completely wrong, lol. Nevertheless, tap water containes chloramines as well which are harder to remove. You can use a brita filter but I would still use a good water conditioner chemical to ensure that everything is detoxified.

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