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justinianobrenden 05-06-2011 11:25 PM

Breeding Dwarf Gourami setups?
okay well me madre is going to let me get a 20 gal n a ten gal along with the 29? 5 and 2.5 gals i already hav n heres what i want to do any ideas? okay well im breeding my platys and guppies already and i wanted to plant my 20 with some plants lol n i want to use tht as a just community tank with the guppies n platys i have, i also want to breed gouramis maybe just buy a pair one red male and one blue female to keep in the 10 gallon? and what i wanna do is after they breed in the ten gallon use a tank divider to divide the ten into two sides, one side with the bubble nest for the gourami fry and the other side for the guppy n platy fry growout tank, and once the fry are all about the same size can they intermix or no? the ten is going to be a barebottom tank so i dont lose any fry in the gravel and im going to have some floating plants to help the male make a bubble nest. the male and female wil go back into the 20 with my guppies n platys after they mate so i can control the births because i dont think the male can make a bubble nest in the 20 with the higher current and the other fish messing with it. will the other fish mess up his bubble nest so they dont mate in the 20 so i can control their births?

Byron 05-08-2011 11:53 AM

The Dwarf Gourami is not really much of a "dwarf" with males attaining over 3 inches and females around 2.5 inches. A 10g is not sufficient space for a pair. The males are territorial, like all gourami, and the female needs sufficient space to "get away" or you risk damaging if not killing her. And if they spawn, this is more crucial as the male gourami (all species) is very pugnacious when guarding a nest.

The 20g will provide better accomodation for a pair of Dwarf Gourami. But the other fish will be troublesome. You can find more info in our profiles, click on the shaded name to see it.


justinianobrenden 05-08-2011 03:24 PM

the ten gallon is strictly just for the male to make his bubble nest and to let them spawn once they have spawmed i will move them into the 20 with about less than 10 livebearers

justinianobrenden 05-08-2011 10:10 PM

bump bump bump it up lol any one respond to my answer preferably @Byron

Byron 05-09-2011 10:17 AM


Originally Posted by justinianobrenden (Post 669035)
bump bump bump it up lol any one respond to my answer preferably @Byron

I thought I had answered as best I could. I referred you to the fish profile, and since I wrote it I stand by what it advises. A 20g is minimum for a pair of Dwarf Gourami; no bright tankmates.

justinianobrenden 05-09-2011 06:50 PM

k thanks well for now im gonna stick with livebearers until im 18 n head off on my own as my parents wont let me get any other tanks, thanks tho

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