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pantherspawn 05-06-2011 06:48 PM

timing ...
So, after givingitmuch though, I decided to redo my 40 gallon completelyand go for a more natural look. My tank hadn't cycled yet so I figured better now than later. I could transfer the few fish I had over to my new qt tank and get it don't real quick if need be but hoped that my 20 gal fishless tank would be cycled by the time the shipment Came. So yesterday I ordered eco complete and some natural white stone gravel. I bought huge amounts of river rock and slate and started making my own cave structures and archways. Ordered 3 pieces of mopani driftwood and countless numbers of plants to do a semi heavy planted tank. Today I wake-up, do my normal water tests.. and the tank is cycled.. what would normally be great news now has me wondering what to do next.
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Byron 05-07-2011 11:57 AM

If you have live plants, and the tank is running OK (filer, heater, etc), and the water was conditioned, add a fish or two. The plants will handle the initial ammonia. If I knew the plants and fish I could suggest how many; you don't want to overwhelm the system. And the type of plants make a difference.


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