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100percentmaybe 05-06-2011 08:45 AM

Cory with fungus fin
I bought some albino cories a couple of months ago, and all of them have been doing well, except for one. I didn't notice until I brought him home that he is kind of hunchbacked, and then his tail sticks straight up. So he looks a bit like an 'S' on its side.

The other guys have all grown a half inch or so, but not this dude, he's still the same size as when I got him. And now, he has another problem: a couple of days ago I noticed his left fin is covered in white fungus fuzz. And it has basically eaten away his fin! :( All that is left is a piece of cartilage.

The fish store gave me some anti fungal fizz tablets to drop in the tank, but I don't think it is helping. I also don't understand if I need to take the carbon out of the filter to dose medicine in the tank? I don't have a quarrantine tank, so I can't really take him out, unless to put him in an old fish bowl I have from a few years ago.

I don't want to euthanize him because he is still swimming around looking for food and all, but I don't know if his fin can even recover from being eaten away...



TwinDad 05-06-2011 02:12 PM

The carbon will remove the medicine from the water.

I could be wrong, but I think the cory catfish is a scaleless fish and might be sensitive to certain medications. I know they are sensitive to ich medicines, not sure about fungus removers. Make sure what you use is safe for corys.

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