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Vitaliy 07-08-2007 09:33 PM

Please help save me fish!
I am in need of help. Before I tell you what is wrong, I think I must tell you the whole story behind it. Sorry kinda long.

About 4 weeks ago, at around 6am, i as wakened up by a strange waterfall type sound. This was coming from my aquarium. When I went to look what was going on, I was surprised. Half the water was gone from the tank, and the floor was very wet (I have a 60 gallon tank, 30 gallons on hardwood floor:?). I quickly got my dad and we both figured out that the caulking had failed. This is a tank that i had for over 8 years or more. So I stood there collecting all my fish and put them in my breeding tank (10 galls). After that, we cleaned the tank very good and took off the old caulking. My dad then put in new caulking and we let it set for couple days. All seemed fine. We filled it up with water and everything was set for my fish to come back. Then, couple days go by, I noticed that they were acting weird, and then they started dieing. So then I had to collect all them up once again and put them in my breeding tank. I had plans to go on vacation, so my dad stayed and cycled new water. ( he thinks it was poisoning from the caulking). When I came back, all but 3 of my 15+ fish were left :( . We put the fish back to the aquarium ( with over 40 baby black mollies and fancy guppies lol, it does look pretty now although). All but 1 fish seemed fine from the poisoning. Now this is my problem.

This is the only fish that seems affected after it all. The fish, had no tail left :shock:, and the scales seem to be bulging out. It's been alive for over 2 weeks now. This is why I don't have the heart to put it down. Today, I decided to put it into the breeding tank were it can be alone and it won't have to swim a lot (having no tail fin makes it difficult). It seems more happier there now. I need help. Is there any medicines that can cure pertruding scales. And also is there a way to help it grow back the tail fin? Is it possible to grow back?

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