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jeppun21 05-03-2011 12:59 PM

New to freshwater aquariums
Hi, everyone i just want to get ur guys opions on my 10 gallon freshwater tank.. I bought an aqueon deluxe 10 gallon tank kit with the filter and heater.. I have white sand as my substrate. I also i have a penn plax betta condo installed inside my fish tank. I've had it for bout 7 months so far everyone looks pretty healthy.. PH level is :7.8

Fish in my tank:
1 female vieltail betta
3 neon tetras
2 albino cory catfish
1 albino pelco bristlenose catfish 1.5"
3 ghost shrimp
2 guppies (1 male and 1 female) female guppy is pregnant (so far i see 2 baby guppies inside womb)
1 bamboo shrimp

Just have driftwood that i bought at petsmart..

Was wondering if my fish tank is too crowded and if i needed to move over somefish to another tank? Was also wondering if its really neccesary to have an air pump with a bubbler in my tank and where can i get a cheap kit to check nitrate and amonia level? And if ders any other advice you guys can give me that will be greatly appreciated :)

excal88 05-03-2011 01:39 PM

Hey there! Yea, I would say that your tank is a little overstocked. Usually, with neon tetras and guppies, you want a minimum of 5 in each group, and 3-4 cory cats. Also, with your pleco, it'll need a much larger tank as it grows older, as they can get up to 2 feet in length! If possible, I would move the beta, corys, and the pleco to a larger tank, get the group of corys up to 4 or so, and let the neon tetras and guppies keep the 10 gallon, as since your guppies are pregnant, it'll be a less stressed environment as they have more room. Hope this helps! And for the air pump and air stone, no, its not really necessary if you have good water flow from your filter, but it does help aerate the air and gives better water circulation. Plus some fish like to play in the bubbles of the air stone, so its pretty fun watching them do that.

Honestly, I recommend the API liquid tests. They're a bit pricey, but totally worth it. You can get the master liquid test kit off of amazon for 21-25 bucks or so, so its quite cheaper than in a LFS.

Do you have any plants or a picture of your tank setup? Shrimp in general prefer heavily planted tanks, as they like to pick off algae thats growing on the plants. Hope this helps, and good luck!

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