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small fry 05-02-2011 09:27 PM

Trimming Anacharis?
Hey guys.

I have Anacharis setup in my 55 gallon Amazon Tank right now. It is branching out alot, and my tallest is 24" high (just got it less than a month at 8"). I am using Flourish Comprehensive, and the lighting isn't bad either.

I am wondering if there is a strategic way to cut the Anacharis - a certain spot that would cause the most regrowth. I need to trim it down, and I'd rather have tons of medium stalks that 5 or 6 too tall stalks.

Some sources say cut it at a certain place, some say it doesn't matter. I was just wondering what you guys would do. This is certainly my most trusted resource (Tropical Fish Keeping).

Thanks guys!

small fry,

DKRST 05-02-2011 09:52 PM

In my, admittedly limited, experience with the plant (Egeria densa aka Elodea & Anacharis), the younger shoots branch and root much better than the older shoots. I'd cut a nice length of shoot, remove the bottom leaves, then pinch off the apical meristem (that's just fancy talk for the tip). When you remove that growing tip, the plant will start to branch. If you then "tip" the new side shoots after they get going, you'll get more branching.

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