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tangy 07-07-2007 02:42 AM

trailer before transformers:MY THEORY!!!
This is lenghty, so grab a snack! :D
Are any of you kind of in a hype on the new trailer "Cloverfield", a new movie by the maker dude of transformers? It was a trailer before transformers begins to play. It has the world by the neck! I think all this crazy(and kind of scary) stuff being put all over the media is just to get the crowds to remain on their knees to pay their $5 for a movie. It is kind of wierd though, cause paramount pictures scavanged the internet for bootleg copies of the video and put them behind closed doors. They made a site called, and they are making all these vids on this dude called ethaan hass who is somekind of revolter against these things. Fake but creepy.

IMO, i think it is a movie of one of my favorite games of all time, Parasite Eve. A little about the games plot. Antagonist Aya Breya who has "evolved" mitochondria and has magic abilities, Antagonist Eve IS evolved mitichondria and takes over a ladies bodie(later revealed as her sister) and eve turns peoples into globs of goo by "releasing their mitochondria" and causing either goofication or spontanious combustion. Aya isnt affected.

Excuse me again, but my theory: In the trailer, a massive goo monster attacks the statue of liberty(yes Manhattan, just like in the game!!!), in the game, the peoples goo turns into a goo monster and in the end it attacks the statue ( :? still there? )The site is called "the parasitemovie" KEYWORD "PARASITE". Another thing is the monster in the trailer sounds EXACTLY like the creature in the game.

(This can get gory, so go to youtube and search parasite eve and look for the intro) Compare the beginning intro and the gooy monster to the Cloverfield trailer. Same.

I believed i just solved this big media mistery.This is BIG, maybe im crazy, but its BIG. And if im right, you guys owe me $5!!!!!!(not really :roll: :D ) but seriously, if i figured it out early then man im good....if not....................... :oops:
if you read this, thanks for actually listening to me(not like the counselors or the phsycologists are :wink: )

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