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MattD 07-05-2007 12:36 PM

Going to get a snail, but need some clarification.
However I would like to select one that does not rape my tank with babies.

So thanks to my trusty magazines and internet, I've decided on the Mystery Snail, or Apple Snail. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this specie does NOT reproduce frivolously when kept as a solitary specimen due to it's sexual nature. However, can it store sperm? I've heard of some snails storing sperm for later use. Also, this is the ONLY freshwater snail that has a siphon for air, right? I need to know if it is because I don't want any mistakes at my LFS, accidentally getting a different type of snail and then it reproducing in my main tank. This siphon will make it quite simple to select the correct specie as it should be extended.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

fish_4_all 07-05-2007 04:52 PM

There are other snails with syphons so that isn't the best way to pick. Yes, mystery snails are sexual for reproducyion and yes they can store sperm but even if you do have 5-6 of them they lay their eggs above the waterline in very obvious clusters that you simply can not miss. When they lay the eggs you can either remove and destroy them or send them to someone who wants them throught the barter trade forum. I have a cluster right now that I am hatching. I wouls say it would be very hard to miss an egg cluster and if you keep the waterline up to the top there is even less chance they will even try to lay eggs anyway. They need a "dry" area of the tank to lay them so their only option would be the tank lid. It can happen but as long as you check it once a week you won't have to worry about babies invading your tank.

There are very few times when I have heard of mystery snails being mislabled as some other "invasive" species. Ramshorns yes but not mysteries especially if they are larger than 1/2 inch.

MattD 07-05-2007 05:21 PM

I was aware of where they lay their eggs, which is partially why I dropped my water level slightly earlier today (for the advent of my new snail). Even though I will be watching for egg clusters (in case this one happens to be fertilized already), I read it's good to provide them with enough space above the waterline so they don't become too stressed being limited solely to the aquatic areas.

Hmmm, so you say others do have siphons? I guess I'm just gonna have to buy a snail that's over a 1/2inch or an inch, just to be sure it's a mystery snail.

Thanks! Any other tips though?

fish_4_all 07-05-2007 05:35 PM

Other do have syphons although I guess you could say that the syphon is "unique" when it comes to its shape for a mystery snail. That and the fact it can reach 2 inches in adults which is just weird to watch all in itself.

I have never heard of the "need" for them have a lower water level so can't help there. When I first got mine I had them in a tank with a water level up all the way to the top and they were fine for 3 months. Now I keep it lower because I want the eggs.

leifthebunny 07-05-2007 08:42 PM

You might want to look at Algae Eating Olive Nerite Snails. They are a brackish water snail that live in fresh water and as long as the water is straight fresh, they will not reproduce. Plus, they will not feed on the plants.

Trishfish 07-05-2007 09:42 PM

There are several different kinds of apple snails. The mystery snails you seek are pomacea bridgesii. There are many different colors available, though some are hard to find. Don't confuse a golden colored brig for a cana. If you find blue, purple, pink, magenta, or ivory you're practically assured of getting a brig. As for the siphon (which is in other species) it would be very difficult to select based on it being present as they aren't often extended. The siphon is a rolled tube of flesh that comes out from the mantle and can't be seen if it isn't shaped as such.

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