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Big Fate 04-24-2011 04:55 PM

We Gotta hitchhiker! (Pics)
This is so weird...

I've had this 10 gallon tank cycling for a lil over a month now, never noticed him till today and boiled EVERYTHING i put into this tank besides the Moss which I'm suspecting he came from.. Take a look:

Anyone know what kind of snail he is? Looks a lil gold on the shell and where do you guys suspect he came from? The moss?

amazon21 04-24-2011 05:09 PM

Big Fate 04-24-2011 05:32 PM

Yea, that could be it...

Hes a quick lil guy, he gots NOS in his shell lol

You think he came in from the moss? I'm surprised I never noticed him in till today?

gmyers0203 04-24-2011 07:46 PM

I got several live plants last Monday and now have about 5 small snails! I know how you feel! They just seem to multiply! As far as what kind, I can't help ya there.... But I would suspect it was on the moss.

MyLittlePleco 04-25-2011 02:55 AM

Funny. I found a Physella Acuta in my tank a few weeks ago. I decided against keeping him as the risk of him snacking on my plants was too large. I can assure you your fish would appreciate a meal of crushed snails.
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ghostgirl 04-25-2011 05:36 PM

Every time I get a hitchhiker I get really excited but then within a day someone eats them. I bought 100 MTS and they were all eaten in 2 days!!! I don't have a puffer either lol

Eshnon 04-25-2011 06:00 PM

You make me want to have a snail in my tank.. Dunno why, but i think it's kinda cute.. lol. However, I dont like the thought of them multiplying like rabbits, and sweeping across my tank like a plague.. Eating all my plants..
Lol I was talking to someone at Petco the other day who has a heavily planted tank.. He was constantly getting snails in his tank. So he got an Assassin Snail. Apparently, they go through the tank killing off all the other snails. lol. They are meat eaters, and will not bother your plants OR fish. Not only are they helpful, but are cool to watch (just like catfish). If for some reason, they multiply, the adults will eat the little ones.. (A lot like fish eating their fry.) And also, like catfish, Assassin Snails are scavengers.. they eat leftover food.
-They are also very cool looking. They have a striped shell of black and white.

If I was you.. Id get a small 2.5 gallon and stick that guy in it with a piece of Cabbage haha.

Eshnon 04-25-2011 06:10 PM

Snail Outbreak
If you for some reason get a snail outbreak.. get 2 assassins.. and they will leave a graveyard of snail shells.. lmao. Look it up on youtube. The best thing you will ever see.

alidawn15 04-25-2011 07:06 PM

I have 4-5 of those for sure and I've never seen them damage a plant. They get on the plants, but I assume they're just cleaning algae because the plants are fine.

LasColinasCichlids 04-25-2011 11:33 PM

I have been very lucky not to get any of the snails that reproduce massively to hitchhike on any of my plants I have bought. Then again, all but one of my plants (the mondo grass) came from a high quality LFS and the plants I buy from them are clippings they take off of larger ones and grow in a seperate tank to avoid snails. The mondo grass I bought from Petsmart on an impulse buy, however they know me there very well, and made sure to shake, check, double check, triple check, quad check to make sure it was snail free.

I did purchase a snail...just one...and its a mystery snail. And with just one in the tank I dont have to worry about it reproducing...unless it was female I could have gotten eggs above the waterline in the beginning and I did I would have just scraped them off and thrown them in the trash. I have had my snail for a little while now and I am pretty sure he is male. But he is one of the most interesting thing in the world.

Its weird, I have tons of fish in my 29 gallon, but I spend more time watching my 15 gal which only has three fish in seems like my ADF, snail, and betta are just more fun to watch...especially in a new tank!!! At first I was worried the snail wasnt eating once transferred to a new tank without algae or anything...but after a few days he finally attacked an algae disc!

But that is a cute little snail you have!! If he is your first snail you will so enjoy watching him. (my mystery snail is my first snail). Just avoid salt & metals in the tank and take extra care if you have to use meds in the tank if you wish to keep him.

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