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29Kilo29 04-22-2011 11:13 PM

75 gal stocking
I got a new 75 gallon tank a week and a half ago, currently cycling. I am planning on making it some sort of cichlid tank, but I have little experience with Cichlids.It basically comes down to African Cichlids or South American Cichlids for me. I know the South American's are bigger and more aggressive, or at least the ones at my closest fish store are.

Now if I were to get South American Cichlids... I would definitely want an Oscar, but can I keep more than 1 in a 75gal, and if so what other fish can I put with it?

African Cichlids I'm not really sure about....

Any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated.


artes 04-24-2011 08:29 AM

If you really want an oscar, I would just do 1, and you could give him a smaller companion if you wanted. My oscar was best buddies with a blood parrot. Oscars do fine by themselves though.

29Kilo29 04-24-2011 10:16 AM

Do you know what other fish can go with Oscar's?

artes 04-24-2011 10:52 AM

Just about any semi-aggressive cichlid. Firemouths, for example. A blue acara would be a pretty companion as well.

29Kilo29 04-24-2011 11:27 AM

I think I might go with the African Cichlids... because they are a little smaller and more variety with them.
Just wondering though... can they be kept with any non-cichlids?

artes 04-24-2011 11:46 AM

I am currently keeping a red zebra (African) with two convicts (CA/SA) and five tiger barbs (asian). The red zebra tries to school with the tiger barbs - its pretty funny. I also have two electric yellows and a red zebra living with several CA/SA cichlids, and giant danios. You have to watch out for sexes if you're doing mbuna cichlids though - one male to 3-4 women. You could do go the peacock african route, which are a bit more peaceful than mbunas.

ElectricBlueJackDempsey 04-24-2011 02:46 PM

I have also heard of people keeping African Cichlids with a school of rainbows

29Kilo29 04-24-2011 07:54 PM

Sounds like good combinations.

What about silver dollars? Could they be kept with some African cichlids?

ElectricBlueJackDempsey 04-24-2011 08:23 PM

I would add the silver dollars first but your gonna need a bigger tank then 75 gallons if you want a shoal of silver dollars. They get larger and hyperactive.

lorax84 04-26-2011 09:13 PM

I don't know if you have made a decision yet, but if you haven't you may want to look into Tanganyikan Cichlids. While the colors aren't always as flashy as Mbuna, or Pecocks, the fish behaviors are great to watch IMHO.

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