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excal88 04-22-2011 10:18 PM

Finally set up my 12 gallon tank!
Hello! Like the title says, finally got my 12 gallon set up with its driftwood, rock, 2 anubis plants, and a couple of anachris! A mix of some gravel *seeding purpose* and sand *majority* makes up the substrate, and I have 3 plastic plants for seeding material as well. Right now my tank just tore through 4-5ppm of ammonia in a day, so just waiting for nitrites, at 4-5 ppm, to finish up getting eaten. Nitrates are between 10-20 ppm.

Plan to get 5 neon tetras, 3 panda corys, 3 peppered corys, and 1 bamboo shrimp! At least thats the plan. Haha. Also not too sure if there's any snails or not on the anachris, as I bought it from petsmart where they kept em with snails. If so woohoo, free snail! *Mystery snails were the ones that they kept*

Here's a pic of the set up :)

iamgray 04-22-2011 10:43 PM

Very pretty! Can't wait to see it with fish in it!

ElectricBlueJackDempsey 04-23-2011 01:03 AM

Looking good, but all those bubbles are necessary. The filter outtake is enough to keep the water aerated

excal88 04-23-2011 05:46 AM

Thanks you guys :) And once I get fishies I'll post up pics :D and I kinda like the bubbles. I can turn em down though via a valve, but so far in my other tank my corys enjoy playing in the bubbler :D

And I'll have to say. Don't know if its the addition of the plants, or if my bacteria are just super hungry, but I just went 4/5ppm down to 1 ppm in under 8 hours. Good stuff! Loving the plants and their look :D

AbbeysDad 04-23-2011 07:37 AM


Originally Posted by ElectricBlueJackDempsey (Post 656278)
Looking good, but all those bubbles are necessary. The filter outtake is enough to keep the water aerated

There's nothing wrong with additional aeration in a tank to provide a highly oxygenated environment, create additional circulation, and expel gases as bubbles break the surface. Unless a tank is also heavily planted with living plants, not all filter returns, unless they're above the water line creating a waterfall, will provide much aeration. A bubble wall can also add interest and the fish seem to love it!
Having 'said' the above, too much of a good thing can be bad and many bubble walls might better be throttled back to produce the best results.

Nice tank!

gmyers0203 04-23-2011 08:52 AM

Looks great!

Romad 04-23-2011 10:21 AM

Nice job :thumbsup:

excal88 04-28-2011 01:40 AM

Sorry for the bump, but here's my final product, save for the fish. ALMOST DONE CYCLING. Added a few more bunches of anacharis, and a java fern thats kinda anchored to my lava rock.

And here is a pic of my 5 gallon thats going under the fish-in cycle. Added 3 bunches of anacharis to help speed it up. Depending on how things go, once the 12 gallon tank finishes cycling I'll probably convert this tank to a quarantine/hospital tank. I might keep the anacharis in though to help deal with ammonia levels if it is a quarantine tank; if I need to add medication and lose the plants, it won't be that big of a loss as the total for all the bundles is a few bucks, unless its not recommended to keep anything in the quarantine tank.

And yes that is squidward's house from sponge bob square pants. :)

1077 04-28-2011 03:36 AM

Lava rock and cory's loaches,plecos, are not a good fit. Fishes can scrape their belly's on the rough texture of the lava rock and infections can be a result.
Would look for smooth river stones.
Tank looks very nice.

excal88 04-28-2011 03:54 AM

Hm. As long as the rock is nice and smooth? I saw some rocks sold at petco that were a lot smoother than the lava rock. But I'm using the lava rock cause it has all these nooks and crannys where I can anchor in my java fern and hopefully it'll take root. I'll look into another alternative.


just did a quick search on rock decorations. Read up on some horror stories on cory cats getting stuck in the holes and what not. Will remove and replace as soon as possible, hopefully tomorrow with a smooth rock, or maybe some drift wood. Thanks for the warning 1077!

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