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Jayy 04-21-2011 04:58 PM

Panda tetras
I hate this fish with a passion!! I went to Petsmart to pickup some new fish for my 26gal, I was going to get more zebra danios ,but I wanted to try something new. Boy was that a mistake!!! As soon as I added them to my tank they were a bit nippy, but I thought they would stop soon. This tank is at my dad's so I can only check on it every other weekend. This being two weeks I thought they would've stopped by then, but it had gotten worse. Three of my fish were hiding because they were being chased and nipped by the pandas. Seeing this really made me want these fish out of my tank. Do to good luck four out of the six died. The think is these fish were marked as peaceful at Petsmart and trust me their NOT!! Has anyone had problems with these fish aswell?

Byron 04-22-2011 01:47 PM

Yes. If you have a look at our profile of this fish, it mentions their aggressive behaviour which can vary from "chasing" to outright nipping and biting.

I had a group of 11, and after two days in a 90g tank, all I saw in fish were these; everything else was shivering behind plants, and would not come out even to eat. After two days I pulled the culprits out pronto. This sort of behaviour causes severe stress to the other fish, and that weakens their immune systems. In my case, I had an outbreak of ich on the cardinals and rummynose tetra due to this aggression.

Our profiles are under the second tab from the left in the blue bar across the top of the page, or in posts if the name is shaded you can click the name to bring up the profile; here's the link

This species has several common names, Dawn Tetra is the oldest so I used that in the profile [for some technical reason, this name doesn't shade], but I have recently seen this fish here under the common name Panda Tetra. Not a good community fish, which is too bad, because it is small, lively and quite beautiful for a black and white fish.

I have read many times in different places about other aquarists' identical experiences with this fish. Redchigh got some of these a while ago, not sure how his turned out.


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