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NoaDon12 04-20-2011 07:59 PM

Oscar caught HITH!
My Tiger Oscar, Ozzy, I believe he has got a case of HITH. He has little white dents in his head ad the number is increasing. He has one that is not white, but it's located under his mouth and it looks like there should be some sort of piercing there! Anyways, I'm so happy I caught it in the early stages because I found a Tiger Oscar with HITH in the late stages and I thought I could help but I was too late... So does anyone know how it was caused and how to cure it? Thanks! (note, I know it's not hexamita because his appetite is still off the charts)
-NoaDon12 :|

Eshnon 04-21-2011 02:22 AM

Act Fast! Please!
So I did research for you and you must act fast if you want to safe your little buddy. The prime cause for Hole In The Head is poor tank maintainance.. or from extreme levels of Ammonia and Nitrates. To treat this in an early stage, chage your water ever 2 weeks, and get a water additive called "Prime". First, make sure it's your water that's the issue. If it is, get Prime. It will neutralize Ammonia and Nitrates but will not remove it. This will only making it safe for your fish to live in. Carry out with the water changes and follow the directions on the bottle of Prime. There is also a medication for HITH called Metronidazole. It comes in tablets and Powder. Just follow the directions.
-I recommend following through with the water changes, Prime, and if things dont get better, THEN get the medication. It's a painful sickness that will only get worst. You need to make ABSOLUTELY sure there are NO toxins in your water.. (Test the water weekly.) Using Prime wont remove the ammonia or Nitrates.. which means it will still show on your tests.. This can be dangerous because if new harmful ammonia enters your tank.. you will NOT know.. so remove the ammonia with some kind of Media you can put in your filter.
Im currently removing high levels of ammonia from my tank right now.. it's a common issue among other tank owners.. just have to be patient and swift.

;-) Best of luck to you and your little Oscar!

NoaDon12 04-21-2011 07:56 AM

Okay, thanks! I'm going to get my water tested today, an I will definately get this "prime" stuff. And i will keep everyone updated! Thanks!
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