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glenn9812 04-20-2011 07:36 PM

150 gal setup
I haven't done a aquarium in about 15 years now. So i'm like a newbie again. Buying a 150gal tank with berlin system sump for a 240 gal tank. Now I've never had a tank this big but it fits my living room perfectly. What do I need as far as heaters, filters. Need advice on filters, need an air mover?, circulation pump?. Anything else I need? Plan on doing a fishless cycle once I get everything. Also the tank is going to be an all cichlid's.

Also as for a sump for freshwater how does that work? Last tank I had was a 33gal so curious to see how this sump works!

looking to purchase everything. Buying a used 150gal tank, stand, canopy and sumo for$800. Seems descent for what I see on craigslist.

AbbeysDad 04-21-2011 12:28 PM

$800 sounds a bit steep for a used 150g, even with stand, lights and sump.

Not sure I would do a sump for a freshwater tank, but if it's all in the deal, you'll have the filter covered (assuming it's coming with a pump?) and will just need to invest in the media for mechanical and bio-filtration for the sump.

Everything else except for heaters you have covered. For heaters, you'll need two 250w heaters. You could prolly get away with a couple of 200w'ers, but best be safe. I very much like my Aqueon heater as it has green and red lights to show it's operation at a glance (green is on @set temp and red is heating).
they are adjustable and submersible although I have mine mounted so as to adjust from the top of the tank.

Good luck.

Inga 04-21-2011 01:20 PM

It seems a bit high to me also. I have been checking out craigslist for some time now and I have seen several for less then that. I agree also that you don't need a sump for freshwater cichlid tank. I am assuming they had salt in there? I am not trying to talk you out of it as prices vary from area to area. Just hate to see you paying for something you don't need. Really all you need is the tank, the stand, a filter, heater, lights, gravel, rocks for hiding areas etc... check out some of the cichlid peoples aquarium profiles on here.

Do you have a petco/petsmart by you? I saw a 150 gallon tank there with stand for not much more then that new. Check into that as well before making your purchase. Can't wait to see your new tank when you get it set up. This is the fun part. :)

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