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alysalouise 04-20-2011 12:44 AM

Breeding Guppies
Okay so i know they are the easiest to breed..... But never have i sucessfully done it, i had 2 males, so today i went and bought 4 females..... I cheated and got one that was already pregnant.... but the males dont show much interest in them, so i put all 6 of them in my net breeder and one of my males showed a little bit of interest in the big fat pregnant one

can anyone give me tips on encourganging them to spawn?

eileen 04-20-2011 02:47 PM

Do do not really need any tips. You just need more females then males as the males will harrass the females trying to mate. Make sure that you have lot of plants at all levels of your tank so that the females can hide from getting chased by the males. This is also good if you want to keep all the fry born in the same tank. Do not use a breeders trap as this stresses out the females. You can fish out the fry and put them in a breeder net in the same tank with floating plants if you want. I just let nature take it's course and the stronger ones will survive as you will be overrun with fry in a matter on months with more females then males. Some people have a female only tank and the males are all in their own tank. The pregnate females are then put in a tank with other female guppies so their is less stress. When the fry get old enough to tell seperate the males in the male tank.

Also try to do water changes each week as guppies like good water quality to stay healthy. 20-20% once a week if the tank is understocked but twice a week if it is overstocked. Feeding less also helps with keeping the water good. Feed once every other day or feed once a day and skip a day in the middle of the week.

Good luck raising guppies!

Here is a good website about guppies and the story is a good one how she got started that you must read. Good website to save under your favorites
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