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Chickenswimmy 04-19-2011 09:08 PM

I'm getting some fish eggs in the mail, what's the best way to hatch them? Advice?
I've been breeding live bearers for years but this will be my first experience with egg layers. I ordered some rainbow fish off and the seller is also giving me a mop with a bunch of eggs on it. How do I raise the eggs that are on the mop? I have a breeding net and so I was thinking about just putting the mop with the eggs in a breeding net in my big tank and then remove the fry as they hatch and put them into a tank I have just for raising fry. Also, I heard about another method of getting a little air tight container and putting the eggs with totally clean, treated water in there and then floating the container in my big tank until the eggs hatch, changing the water with fresh treated water every day... what would be the best way to do this? Any advice or ideas on this would be great! Thanks

Oh yeah - I forgot to mention, the reason I wasn't planning on just putting the mop directly into my fry tank is because there are some snails in there and I was afraid they may eat the eggs

Romad 04-20-2011 04:29 AM

Hi Chickenswimmy,

Welcome to TFK. :wave:
Sorry I can't help you with your egg question but someone with experience in that department should be along to help you.

Eshnon 04-21-2011 11:53 PM

All that I've read..
I would love to breed egg layers, and from what I've read.. eggs that are in a tank are fine except with egg eaters... The only difference between Livebearers and Egglayers is the eggs are completely stationary and defenseless.. Gotta hide them till the fry hatch and can hide on their own. A seperate tank would be perfect and the net idea would be even better. Give it a try. As long as they are away from egg eaters, in healthy water with a proper temp, they should hatch perfectly fine.

Mikaila31 04-22-2011 12:33 AM

Egglayers and especially rainbow fish have very small fry usually. Rainbows which I have raised before from eggs require live cultured foods for best result. I used the cup method. I raised them a few years ago without much of a problem, my first egg laying fish. My more recent attempts have been quite unsuccessful. Eggs seem to fungus up quickly in my water and this kills them. Adding small amounts of hydrogen peroxide stopped all the fungusing and I actually had a very successful hatch rate. Though then fry were dying within 24 hours of hatching. I was getting close, but got too busy. Hope to work with them more this summer after I move then I will have a dedicated fry tank.

Rainbows not the easiest fish to raise, though the dwarf species are easier. A rainbowfish fry is the fraction of the size of a guppy fry. When first hatched they are really just swimming eye balls IMO lol. I currently have 10 or so boesemani rainbows which is where all my eggs come from. Though I will be reducing their numbers here in a week to 4 or 6. Pretty sure they spawn every morning. The easiest part of the whole thing is getting them to spawn on mops.

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