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Warpig 04-18-2011 11:11 PM

Q tank water question? New water or not
Just curious what the general consensus is on this topic. I have Q'd all of my fish for at least a month before adding them to my DT. Knock on wood, no problems so far with any of my fish. They are all in the DT and seem to be thriving and healthy. Due to a hectic work travel Schedule and then an immediate vacation afterward I knew I would not be able to give my next Q fish the proper attention they would need so I shut the tank down and let it sit for the last 5 weeks or so until I could devote the required time to Q'ing my next fish. Left the water in the Q and just shut down all the filtering and lighting. When I Q one fish directly after another I ALWAYS do a 100% water change and a light cleaning to the tank between inhabitants. I will probably do this again now that I am going to start to Q my next fish when I find a pair that I like (Flame Angels and/or Coral Beauty's a pair of each) I was wondering if this was required in this case since the Q tank has been sitting for 5 weeks. I just turned all my filtering back on today and tomorrow will test my water. I anticipate the water will be fine. I have my RO filter running now to prepare to do a 100% change on the Q tank in the next couple days. It is 90% likely I will do the water change routine I always do but I was wondering if I am being overly cautious considering the tank has been fishless and not running for more than a month? Any input from anyone on this? NOTE: I normally consider used Q tank water as contaminated to the highest degree.


bettababy 04-19-2011 05:31 PM

Personally, I wish more people would follow plans such as you have. There would be many fewer illness issues in main tanks. My own personal rule of thumb... "when in doubt, dump it out" (meaning replace water that leaves you questioning it).
There are other things that get into the water over the time it would have been sitting, such as dust and various types of pollution. Water that sits without circulation for any length of time will go "stale", so its always best to replace it rather than take chances, especially when it comes to such sensitive and expensive fish.

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