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Mike 07-02-2007 01:15 PM

My tanks
I've lived in a world of broken digital cameras until very recently. I can finally share some pictures of my own tanks :)

That's our 34 gallon reef tank. Unfortunately the picture was taken before the corals were fully open, but you get the idea :)

These are some mushrooms.

These are some polyps.

This is our bicolor pseudo, Bubble Gum, in front of an elegant coral, Elegant. I know, the creativity of this coral's name is overwhelming :)

This is Greeny, our... umm... green thing. If anyone knows the scientific name please let me know. I've been meaning to Google it :p

This is our clam, Peek-a-boo.

The blob in the center is Meaty. He is a "meat" coral, and his name is another testament to our creativity. :p

This is Snowflake, our lemon butterfly fish. He resides in our 55 gallon fish only tank.

This is Boxy, one of our two box fish.

This is Shamu, our stars and stripes puffer fish. He is our pride and joy. He is either swimming up and down neurotically at the side of the tank or laying on the bottom, paranoid and suspicious, with his eyes darting between his tank mates and us. It is a real treat when this fish decides to swim horizontally... like a fish.

Unfortunately I couldn't manage to take decent photos of our other fish but I will hopefully have more to share soon. Thanks for taking the time to check them out!

Mike :)

Falina 07-02-2007 01:20 PM


Very beautiful fish and photos!! I'm very impressed!

Unfortunately saltwater fish and creatures is a totally foreign territory to me so I can't help with your ID.

You name your fish so creatively! LOL!

Mike 07-02-2007 01:27 PM

Thanks, Julie :)

Amphitrite 07-02-2007 01:35 PM

Stunning pictures and fish Mike! Not before time :tongue:

Now if I ever go salty, a puffer like Shamu would be my incentive. He is gorgeous!!

anemone 07-02-2007 01:45 PM

WOW Blown away by your awesome tank :D

"Snowflake" looks fantastic :D

derbyno1 07-02-2007 02:16 PM

nice pufer i have one just like it, it is just about bigger than that. nice tank :thumbsup:

Mike 07-02-2007 02:23 PM

Thanks Kate, anemone, and derby.

Derby, do you know how large this species has the potential to grow and how long they usually live?


Lupin 07-02-2007 05:58 PM

Mike, your tanks are tempting me to go back to saltwater!:shock: I like Snowflake.:love:

derbyno1 07-03-2007 06:33 AM

i think the dog face grows about 12+. the one i hada few years ago got to 10 inches but he sadly died due to marine whitespot.

dhritiman 07-03-2007 07:05 AM

I like your bicolor pseudo.Unfortunately they are not available in India.I like all of your tanks,especially your reef one.....
Good Job.....

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