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glassbox 04-17-2011 08:59 PM

First tank. Fluval edge
hey guys. just joined this forum. tried looking for the biggest one and this one seem to be pretty active. so heres my fluval that i got november 2010. couldnt be happier with the way it turned out. had a few problems with neon tetras in the beginning (ich :| ) but now that i put guppies in there, theyre a lot more active and playful then the neon tetras.

here are some pictures from my fluval

i have so far,

2 guppies
2 ghost shrimps

how it looked when i first set it up to let it cycle

the sand moved around too much cause of the filter so i switched to black rocks a week or two ago

anybody have any idea on how to get enough food to the shrimps without over feeding the fish?? my guppies devour everything in their sight. feel kinda bad for the shrimp. im feeding them flakes right now. the two shrimp that i had before this loved the flakes but these new ones i just got are kinda picky with them. any suggestions?

coolcar24th 04-17-2011 11:06 PM

Try a sinking fish pellet or some sort of food that will sink for the shrimp. I have to put in both flake and a sinking pellet or 2 for my shirmp in my 10gal.

Byron 04-18-2011 03:26 PM

Nice work. The black substrate is much better. And welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum.


glassbox 04-18-2011 10:24 PM

awesome thanks for the info! do you have any recommendations as for brands or types?

thank you! looking forward to learning more about this addicting hobby

aunt kymmie 04-18-2011 11:19 PM


Originally Posted by glassbox (Post 652457)
thank you! looking forward to learning more about this addicting hobby

It sure is addicting! Your tank looks great. I love the look of a nice nano. :-)

Romad 04-19-2011 05:24 AM

Nice tank.

Welcome to TFK :wave:

glassbox 04-19-2011 08:29 PM

thank you for all the compliments :D looking forward to learning more so i can possibly start a larger tank

quick question for those who know about light,

if i were to swap the halogens to the LED lights, would that cause algae to grow more? will changing the light source affect algae growth in any way?

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