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patadams66 04-17-2011 11:38 AM

My First Tank, A love story. 55 gallon
So about 6 months ago I went to the pet store and became fascinated with the fish. i didnt realize at the time all the different shapes, colors, and sizes of tropical fish there were! (and decorations!@!@! :twisted:)

I bought a used 55 gallon, a stand, a quarantine tank, a penguin 350, heaters, gas pump, decorations, a 2nd filter, and all kinds of odds and ends off of craigs list for 200$ half of it didnt work, and most of the rest i didnt need. haha but it got me through the door. i bought a book. The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums by David E. Boruchowitz at the used book store (can you tell im thrifty?) and read it about 50 times. I was a little disappointed in some of the things i learned (no cichlids, gold fish, or that Tiger Oscar for me!) but the emphasis on filtration and water changes and water chemistry i give full credit for my first tank being a success.

I am really enjoying my tank and the beauty it brings! The only thing that would make it better was if i could walk my fish, or cuddle with them, or play fetch, but thats what i have a puppy for haha.

Anyway i really think i would of messed up this tank with out that book. i didnt know you had to cycle i didnt know about bio filtration to me it was Water+fish+scuba man=WIN!

Ill stop rambling and get down to the good stuff.

I started with Platies, I *Think* 2 red wag tails, 2 sun burst, 2 orange mickies. gave it 3-4 weeks added 4 peppered corys, 3 Mollys, a Silver Lyretail, an Orange Lyretail, and a Dalmation.

i left it at that for 3 or 4 months, I lost the two wagtails, i replaced one because my girlfriend cried when i told her he went the way of the porcelain god, i said i was kidding and went and got one the same size haha. i lost the two sunbursts, one of which was a big female who had pregnancy problems and died.

i really have no clue why they died, probably stress while i was figuring out temps, and my bio filtration was still setting up

ANYWAY! everything evened out and i was ready for my pride and joy, the GLORY of my tank, the Angelfish.

i got two veil tails and they lasted a week. there was a return policy so i got two more they lasted a week. i felt awful and gave up haha.

I recently added some more fish which i will put in the tank description below. I also added 2 mystery snails and am amazed at what those "slow" little dudes accomplish!

The Decor. The Right side is what i wanted the tank to look like. The left was my at the time girlfriends vision. I cheated and always fed the fish on my side so prove to her they "liked" my side better :twisted:

I have two penguin 350s Temp is 78-80.

My Fish:

  • 4 peppered Corys
  • 1 Rubberlip Plecco
  • 1 Orange lyretail Molly (probably one of the pretties fish i have seen, great metallic sheen to her tail/dorsal)
  • 1 Dalmatian Molly (i think there is more to the name about his fins or something but i cant remember)
  • 1 Silver Lyretail Molly
  • 2 Orange mickey mouse platies
  • 2 Highfin Blue Mickey Mouse Platies (i looked FOREVER for these)
  • 1 highfin Sunset Platy
  • 1 Highfin Marigold Platy
  • 1 Red Tuxedo Guppy (male)
  • 1 Other guppy, lol, it has a really long floppy dorsal fin and its blue/black/red who knows :roll:
  • 1 Opaline Gourami (male)
  • 2 Variatus Platies, one with orange high lights and one with yellow, both have a great metallic sheen
  • 1 Red Wag Tail Platy
  • 2 Gold Mystery Snails
if i can figure out how to post pictures:

and a video i took.
all this is with my iphone :/ so please forgive quality issues

all feed back is welcome! concerns, constructive criticisms, or praise.

im really enjoying this and wanting to expand so anything you think will help let it rip!

patadams66 04-17-2011 12:21 PM

oh and the dalmatian molly is a SAILFIN!

Romad 04-17-2011 12:22 PM

Hi and welcome to the addiction :) There certainly is a lot of color going on in that tank - whoa....

I think the white gravel at least detracts a little from everything else going on in that tank. If it were me (and it's not) I'd change to all one color gravel and get some green silk plants and bunch them together a little here and there. Your plants look "placed" and a little spaced out.

I would try a solid black background so that your fish will stand out more. You have such a variety of nice colorful fish but they're kind of getting lost among all the color in your tank and the background.

I've changed out my 75 gallon community tank a whole bunch of times so it's always a work in progress. I finally live planted it last November. That's something else you might want to try down the line.

All in all, you're off to a great start.

patadams66 04-17-2011 12:28 PM

live plants was something i want to do but was not recommended when first starting out.

the plant placement was my attempt at "hiding things" like air hoses. if i get more some live plants ill try to make it look more realistic but its supposed to look cheesy i think lol

by silk plants do you mean a type of plant or like the material they are made out of? i had some cloth type plants but a brown algea just made them look awful so i took them out.

thank you for the feedback!

another thing how much more do you think i could stock? i want soo many more but im afraid to crowd it.

Grimmjow 04-17-2011 12:52 PM

At first I was thinking to say get real plants go something about how it doesnt look natural. But, for some reason, I like it. All the colors look pretty cool, just not my thing.

Im not really a fan of airstones but I cant say anything bad about a dragon.

And I dont know why, but how you have like two tanks in one is pretty sweet.

You can try to make sure you dont overstock.

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