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justinianobrenden 04-16-2011 10:21 PM

Amount of fish per tank
Hi im going to get a new 50 gallon tank this week to move my oscar cichlid into and im going to have his current 30 gallon with nothing in it and i wanted to move my 3 guppies and 3 mollies into it and get 3 platies for it as well and a pleco... is this okay for my tank size? the guy at petsmart said if i wanted i could have 1 of any of the livebearers for 1 gallon of tank but i want to be sure i am breeding them currently i have 21 fry. :-D okay well i have 1 male turquois gupppy, 1 female black guppy,1 female tequila guppy, 1 male black molly, 1 female black molly, and one female black molly in a 10 gallon, my fry are in a 5 and my oscar and pleco are in the 30. i wanted to get 1 male gold twin barred platy, one female gold twin barred platy and one female wag platy for the 30 when i switch all the fish. oh and if i add salt to the 30 with all the livebearers in it do all tolerate salt and how much per 5 gallons if so? and would i be able to add a pleco with the salt in the tank? thanks for any and all help :)

TwinDad 04-16-2011 10:42 PM

I would look at the top of the page and there is a Fish profile section and check out what you are interested in. IF a fish name is dark the name will be a hyperlink to their profile.

I don't think that the live bearers need salt. I think the mollies might be brackish, but I've seen many regulars here mention it isn't needed.

What pleco do you have. Some species get super big 24"+.

What is you filter and do you have live plants?

Also check your tap water. Hardness and Ph, both will tell you what kind of find would be best for your tap water.

justinianobrenden 04-16-2011 10:46 PM

okay well someone is telling me that salt adds benificial electrolytes for livebearers and imorives gill function and reducess stress in general and during birth, my ph is right in the middle and i add softener i checked my water yesterday at petsmart and she said its perfect and just a common pleco that gets 12 inchs

LasColinasCichlids 04-16-2011 11:55 PM

The pleco should be in the 50 gal or larger, no exceptions for a common pleco.

In a 30 gallon tank when mixing mollies, platy, and guppy it can get confusing. If you have three mollies, which each get around 3+ inches, then adding in a few platy and a few guppy...then I would say in a 30 (with no pleco) you could do 3 molly, 6 platy, and maybe 6-8 guppy. If you are keeping fry in the same tank, then I would suggest fewer.

Aquarium salt is optional with livebearers. Mollies and guppies can tolerate it and even some like it. It is not needed though.

Some mollies are brackish, but these days they are tank breed in fresh, sold in fresh, and housed in fresh. To switch one to brackish would include a drip acclimation as well as a very slow rise in salinity, which is all pointless since they are perfectly fine in freshwater.

Guppies like hard water, so a softener isnt needed.

What you were saying about Aquarium Salt is actually printed on the carton of API's aquarium salt. The biggest use of aquarium salt is treating ich. Its great to have on hand. And if you want you could add some to the tank with only the livebearers in it (not sure about the platy though). I would not put as much as the carton says to. Maybe one teaspoon in the 30 gallon will be just plenty for the guppies and mollies to benefit from without causing any harm to the platy (again, I dont know platy tolerance of salt). I personally would NOT use aquarium salt with a pregnant female or with fry. Before I added my 6 guppy fry I made sure my tank was aquarium salt free through multiple water changes to remove as close to all the salt as possible. But again, I dont put very much in at all because I also have cories in the tank, so I have to be extra careful and pay attention to the salt levels so that my cories arent bothered at all. I use about 1/2 a teaspoon in my 29 gallon every 4-6 water changes, its not very much, and might not do anything for that little bit in that much water, but I feel as though my guppies appreciate it, but I know it isnt enough to bother my cories, especially since I have habrosus (dwarf) cories who are rather sensitive.

Mollies get to 3+ inches, and I think the 30 gal is a great option for them. They would all love the swimming room. But a molly isnt ideal for a 10 gallon, as again they are rather large and are a rather messy fish when it comes to bioload.

justinianobrenden 04-19-2011 08:13 PM

okay well one of the mollies i bough is sick so im going to just take all 3 of them back and get another guppy instead and just keep guppies in the 30 since i have about 20 fry right now and im going to use some salt about the ammount you said just to help prevent ich and help the guppies with their stress and what not and i just found an amaizng deal on a 29 kit 75 bucks and it comes with gravel vegitation filter net conditioner food extra filter sponges, hood, and light now just to convince my parents into letting me get it

alysalouise 04-20-2011 12:36 AM

Salt in their water
Petco has all their tanks as brackish water usually, i know my petco does, its 1 tablespoon per gallon of water, and they told me to do a mounding tablespoon lol, it actually killed my parasite that lifeguard didnt kill

LasColinasCichlids 04-20-2011 02:52 AM


Originally Posted by alysalouise (Post 653535)
Petco has all their tanks as brackish water usually, i know my petco does, its 1 tablespoon per gallon of water, and they told me to do a mounding tablespoon lol, it actually killed my parasite that lifeguard didnt kill

Petco uses aquarium salt in their tanks, but it isnt enough to be brackish, not even the true salt you would use to do brackish I dont believe.

They use the aquarium salt to hide the parasites and such hiding in their over populated tanks, petsmart does it too, as I am sure many independant aquarium stores might do.

Aquarium salt has its benefits, but can be harmful to those who cant tolerate any sort of salinity or sodium chloride (which is what aquarium salt is, which is slightly different than marine salt, and true brackish you would use marine salt as brackish is where freshwater streams, rivers, lakes slowly start to mix in with the ocean).

If your tank is nothing but livebearers like Mollies and Guppies, then aquarium salt is fine to use per the dosing on the aware to only add what you take out as the salt does not evaporate, dissolve, or filter out. It can only be removed via water changes. So if you do a 50% water change, you still have half of the salt origionally put in, and should only add back the 1/2 taken out, if you use it. Now if there are other fish who can tolerate small salinities, but dont like it, and you still wish to use it, then I would do a much smaller dosage.

For instance, my 29 gallon has guppies, neons, a molly, and a bunch of random cories. Well, the neons and the cories arent particularly fond of salt, so once in a while I might add a small teaspoon of aquarium salt if I feel like it. It may not do anything at all in that small amount, but I dont wish to risk my less-tolerant fish over salt that the mollies and guppies dont actually NEED in the first place. The mollies and guppies just tolerate it. At least mollies bought today tolerate it, as they arent the true brackish mollies found in the wild, and are so over tank breed in freshwater, the probably dont know what true brackish is.

And to transform for instance a freshwater molly into a brackish set up, it would take a very slow rise in salinity over a period of time to switch the tank over safely. Or if adding a freshwater molly to an already establish brackish tank you would have to be very careful and do an extended drip acclimation.

Just thought I would add the info to the thread. :)

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