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atkins 07-01-2007 10:31 PM

SWITCHING TO CANISTER.........................
hi, first off i'm new here so hello......... :D

secondly, i'm wanting to switch from my emperor 400 to a canister system, but don't know whats the better system, EHEIM, FLUVIAL whats better? also how difficult is it or how stressful to the fish is the switch?? i've had the same fish in this tank for over 2 yrs now, its a 72 gallon bowfront with 2 leperanus, 2 bal shark, plack, 2 moonlight gourami, 1 clown loach, and a pink tailed something.

thanks for your help

mHeinitz57 07-02-2007 02:34 AM

first off..welcome!

my personal favorite is RENA. Personally I think it is the simplest design with the best quality of parts, I have a RENA Xp2 on my 47 gallon and it works great. (for a 72 gallon go with the Xp3.) If you have an emporer than the majority of bacteria is on that biowheel. If you switch to a canister, try to take the plastic off your biowheel and smush the biowheel down and place it in the new canister filter. You may also be able to just float the wheel in the tank but the important thing is keeping that bacterial colony in your tank.

leifthebunny 07-02-2007 10:10 AM

I'm partial to EHeim myself. It's carbonless filtration so it's friendly to planted tanks.

As for the filter, if you intend to use the filter in another tank to instantly cycle it, I would recommend leaving the biowheel intact and using both filters simultaneously. Otherwise, you could do like mHeinitz57 said, just be careful not to impede the flow.

mHeinitz57 07-02-2007 11:15 AM

yeah, good advice. Any canister filter you can make "carbonless" though. Thats the beauty of canister filters, you can put anything you want in them.

fish_4_all 07-02-2007 02:47 PM

With everything I have read about Canister filters and their effectiveness and ease they are definately one of the cases where if you can afford it get the more expensive model. Eheim, Fluval, and Rena are the most recommended ones and seem to be the most effective. I think the Eheim is more "customizeable" but I am going off of memory.

mHeinitz57 07-02-2007 10:24 PM

eheim is good but they are all incredibly customizable. Fluval isn't as much though. Rena is just a series of baskets all the same size and you throw what you want in there...doesn't get much simpler than that. You don't even have to use the RENA filter media.

atkins 07-02-2007 10:33 PM

so maybe i can just use the emperor for like a month or so while the canister is also running?? then remove the emperor after the bacteria is in placeof the new canister?

Gump 07-03-2007 12:38 AM


Originally Posted by atkins
so maybe i can just use the emperor for like a month or so while the canister is also running?? then remove the emperor after the bacteria is in placeof the new canister?

Thats what i would do to be safe, cant go wrong with more filtration.

I have 5 fluvals (1-304, 3-404, 1-fx5) and 3 rena xb3. id say the xb3s are the worst canister i have and then the older model fluvals then the newest 405 series is better than there old designs (Rena<4 series fluval<5 series fluval). I think Eheim isnt worth the extra money.

mHeinitz57 07-03-2007 12:58 AM

yeah definitely keep the emperor going while bacteria builds up on the new canister filter. I guess everyone will have different opinions on canister filter, you just have to look at each one and see which works best for you. I've used fluvals and renas and now I won't use anything but a rena. Go to the store and i'm sure they will let you open up the box and just see which you like better.

atkins 07-04-2007 09:48 PM

thatnks guys, also do i need to keep the undergravel filter, and powerheads? or can i stop using that too with the canister??

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