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PrettyKitty187 04-15-2011 11:25 PM

Very Lethargic Algae Eater
I don't know if anyone remembers, but I posted several months back about sudden strange behavior displayed by my Oto.
This was my original post:
"He was fine literally a couple of hours ago...going about his crotchety algae eater business but a couple of hours ago he was chasing the other guys away like he normally does and hovering in his little crypt being himself and I get out of the shower and he's in a completely different part of the tank that he doesn't frequent laying on his the net to fish him out and put him in a tupperware or something to keep a better eye on him and he jerked away and started swimming/flopping sideways and I sort of propped him up against the driftwood and hes breathing a little better but he wont move...wont swim...lays on his back or side...but nothing wrong with the others in there (cherry barbs and black kuhli loaches)"

a little after that he started to breathe a lot heavier and his gills started going from pink to white as if he were suffocating but shortly thereafter (within an hour or so) he started to swim a little better and managed to find his way back to his driftwood lair. Within another hour he was completely normal again.

Unfortunately this happened several more times over the past several months until he finally passed on about a month ago. During this time there were no changes in the aquarium, no changes in the water readings or anything and the other fish in the tank seemed to be experiencing no problems and behaved normally. A few days later one of my cherry barbs died as well (but I really do credit that to him just being old and at the end of his time).

I was just wondering if anyone has any insight as to what the problem might have been, or was he just getting on in age? I'd like to get another Oto but after this experience with Charybdis I'm a little worried about it :(

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