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Navthrfez Platy 04-14-2011 09:09 PM

? ratio scenerios for hybridizing Xiphophorus or Poecilia
I have read some stuff supporting the idea but I was wondering which scenerios worked best to yeild hybrid fry

EX: male swordtail with platy harem or vice versa

EX: male guppy with molly harem or vice versa

anyone have an answer or opinion, maybe even just an educated guess?

I have two female mollies and a mix of various male and female guppies and platies.... and one swordtail i am not sure it is about 2" long and has no "sword" but the anal fin is pointy (which means male right? :S), so i dunno. they share a 55 gal with 5 corys about a dozen shrimp, two clams, some snails a cpl small plecos.

originally got the swordtail to have in my blue platy breeding tank 10g.... lol it takes a long time to purge previous fathers' dna.... maybe its grandparent genes... got

i think i have a good foundation stock to "selectively" breed for my own enjoyment, to see what i can come up with..... ok so now i am done yammering, i hope to hear from ya'll

-WYRD n Latre

ps is it "vice versa" or "vise versa":-D

Marginatus 04-16-2011 12:25 PM

Sorry to answer a question with a question but what are you trying to achieve with the breeding? I can't work out what the aim is.

You're better off seperating the ones with the traits you desire and linebreeding (basically inbreeding) to 'set' the traits. If you're randomly breeding all sorts together it may provide you with a vigorous, healthy population but they may be quite drab in appearance.

if you're simply trying to cross species to see what the results are then you're going to have to seperate them so that you always have different species male and females together as they will always TEND to breed with their own type.

I've also heard that Molly/Guppy hybrids are almost always infertile so that may be a dead end there.

Swordtails and Platies are very similar and regularly hybridise so no problem there but there's also not much to be gained from the hybrid in terms of difference in shape/colour/finnage.

redchigh 04-16-2011 12:38 PM

I would say male guppies with molly harem and swordtails with platy females..

You want the females to be larger, so they don't die from giving birth to fry too large.

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