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AbbeysDad 04-14-2011 08:42 PM

Pavlof's Fish
Background 60g has 4 Platys and 3 Black Mollies...

So my fish have settled in to the 60g tank and lately when I approach the tank to feed, they come fearlessly to get food...almost jump out to take it from my hand ;-)

Tonight I moved the Neon Tetras from the 10g. so I could release the (20) Platy fry into the 10g tank. When I released the Neons, For the first couple of minutes they were chased by the other fish. I wasn't sure how this was gonna turn out... the neons may be small, but as I discovered trying to net them in the 10g, they can move lightning fast.... good thing!

After a little bit and some previously frozen brine shrimp, the world settled and I think the Neons will be okay... I sure hope so.

AbbeysDad 04-15-2011 09:21 AM

Happy to report that the six Neon Tetras made it through the night. They tend to stick together on the one side of the tank, but the other fish have resigned that they're just a little too big to be food, so don't bother them - although when the big fish come around, the school moves away.
This morning I did see a lone Tetra way on the other side of the tank with the big fish. I guess he has 'attitude' ... "I ain't 'fraid 'o no big fish....bring 'em on."
I'm glad I have the six of them though as like in nature, there's more safety in numbers.

TwinDad 04-15-2011 06:11 PM

I would hope that the brave sole won't become the darwin award winner.

My 6 tetras were schooling for the most part then one afternoon I saw one chase the others around the 29G tank. I thought he was going to be a bully. But he hasn't don it since that afternoon. I suspect they got comfortable and were playing a game.

That at least what I want to think. I'm sure somebody will come in and break up my dream.

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