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Backer 04-12-2011 09:28 PM

Strange Fish Behaviour
My angel fish (only one of the two of them) had been swimming very strangely all day today. I'm not sure why? I will post a link to a youtube video instead of me explaining it here.

The only thing out of the ordinary I have done with the tank is I did a water change today, which is about half the time I usually wait till I change the water (1 week). I did this because I recently added some new driftwood (which I soaked for 3 days), but it was releasing tannins and my water was brownish, so I changed it.

I feed a mix of frozen food (brine shrimp and blood worms) and dry.

It is planted fertilized with liquid stuff once a week. Occasionally run a C02 diffuser when I charge it. (not now)

GH:180 (hard as always)
pH:6.8-7.0 ish
no nitrites or nitrates
temp: 29C or 82F

Link is:
Thanks for any and all help/advice,

SeaHorse 04-13-2011 10:25 AM

It is acting like swim bladder problems.... is it still doing it today?? I know NOTHING about angels so just giving my opinion... something to go look up. good luck. Beautiful angels.

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