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guppiesformybabies 04-11-2011 05:48 AM

fuzzy fish, gill "wound"???? please help my little buddy!!!
Ok first off let me start by saying that I have internet on my phone and don't have a useable copy paste option. But I will do my best to answer the questions, that I can remember. I have a 29 gallon freshwater tank, in it I have 6 guppies, 6 mollies, a bamboo shrimp, and a goby. Ammonia - 0 nitrate- 15 nitrite- 0. I have live plants, gravel substrate, my temp in tank is a steady 80 degrees, I have hard well water, and I do 15% water changes twice a week. O gosh now Im drawing a blank on the other questions....feel free to yell at me for not writing them down before I came to type... here's my dilemma; my male dalmation Molly is sick or injured or both. His entire lower "jaw" (including gills), appears to be covered in a "fuzz". It's no where else on him, just from his bottom lip to the edge of his gills and only on the bottom. He is eating. None of the other fish seem to be avoiding him or bullying him, which brings me to my next symptom - on the under side of his chin area it looks like a small part of his gill cover is missing. Today I noticed him also doing a wierd little dance.... he would wriggle back and forth a few times, swim forward a about an inch and swim back. And he was doing this over and over again. It looked like he was crazy. I've had this tank up since January. I can't get him to stop moving to get a good picture. I would almost describe his behavior as manic, but he's breathing normally, so he's not acting overly stressed, he's jus suddenly ALWAYS moving. this little guy is one that I've grown pretty fond of so if any of this sounds like something you've seen before please help me out, I would be really sad if I lost him.
Thanks in advance!!!

Guppie luver 04-11-2011 07:31 AM

Um let me think

guppiesformybabies 04-12-2011 09:31 PM

any one?

Guppie luver 04-13-2011 07:22 AM

I would seperat him and put him in a tank by them selves to keep it from spreding.

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