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lenalover 04-09-2011 10:01 PM

Starting Over :(
So, while I was on vacation, all of my fish died except for 2 bettas. I took them out and put them in a smaller tank, then one died. I only have one left now :( I'm thinking they all caught a disease or something.

Now, I'm starting over with the 20g tank. I am thinking about what kinds of fish I will get.
I love bettas, gouramis and guppys. Sometimes the guppys dont go along well with the gouramis and bettas though, so I'm not really sure what I will do about that.
I would also like some corys for the bottom of the tank.
I am looking for any suggestions for fish that are compatible with each other, and real plants that go with them well.


lenalover 04-10-2011 12:39 PM

Nobody? I was thinking of starting with a male betta, but then he might be territorial b/c he was the first one there. I have always introduced them in after other fish were there.

Byron 04-10-2011 05:16 PM

My first thought is n ot to put the Betta in a 20g. You have mentioned one good reason, another is that not all fish are compatible with a Betta (from both sides) and it would be nice to make better use of that space with more than just one fish.

You can do a lot with a 20g. I would not recommend guppys with gourami though; the latter are slow, sedate fish, and active tankmates shoulod be avoided.

If you like gourami, in a 20g you could have a trio of Honey Gourami [check our profiles, the name will be shaded if the fish is in our profiles, so click on the name to see the info], or a group of one of the smaller species like sparkling gourami, croaking gourami, licorice gourami, eyespot gourami. I would not go with the "larger" gourami as you would be restricted to one fish and tankmates can be tricky again.

With those gourami I have suggested, most of the rasbora work well; they are colourful, shoaling fish, very peaceful, and not too active for gourami. Harlequin Rasbora, Lambchop Rasbora, Hengels Rasbora [these three are very similar, the Hengels is my personal favourite for its bright copper mark], Eyespot Rasbora, or one of the tiny Boraras species like Boraras brigittae if you have the dwarf gourami species, Emerald Dwarf Rasbora, etc. Some of these depend upon your water, as noted in the profiles.

A livebearer setup is another idea, some fine gravel, rocks, few plants like Corkscrew Vallisneria, with a group of colourful livebearers. This if you have hard water.

By the way, you might get more "action" here during the week; I have noticed over my 2+ years here that weekends can often be slow, I guess the workers/students are out and about on weekends.


LasColinasCichlids 04-11-2011 08:52 PM

In a 20 gallon there are tons of choices.

If you are able to go the livebearer route, guppies are full of activity and colors, and housing cories with them is easy. Just be mindful of males and females...babies multiply very fast, thus why I keep only males in my tank, even for the mollies. I do have fry at the moment, but they arent related to my guppies.

I agree 100% with Byron's suggestions based on what you have said you like. One of my personal favorite gourami is the sparkling gourami, which would do nicely in a 20 gal.

And although I havent been on TFK for longer than 4 months, I too have noticed that weekend are much slower on here for responses...most likely due to the reason Byron pointed out...although I find myself on TFK all day every day, lol, I think I am addicted.

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