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F4A 04-07-2011 11:26 PM

Chemical Filter Advice
I am running a 10G tank which is overstocked. My water parameters are... Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0, Nitrates 20-40. I am changing my water at least once a week usually around the 30% mark. I am running on an external filter which is packed with "Seachem Matrix" and "Rena Bio Stars".

When I go on holiday for several weeks I won't have anyone to change my water. I am therefore looking to add some additional media to help with the nitrates while I am away. A few days before I go I will be stripping the whole tank and vacuuming the gravel in full to remove all the bits. I have lots of plants which should be able to assist with any ammonia and nitrates. Plus, I will dose the tank with additional bacteria before I go.

I am considering adding "Seachem Purigen" and "Seachem De Nitrate" to help control the water while I am away. I believe these are both very good products so could someone shed some light on these?

aunt kymmie 04-07-2011 11:41 PM

I use Seachem's Purigen and absolutely LOVE it. I was battling some cyanobacteria in my discus tank, added the Purigen and then just like magic, cyano was gone. I've also noticed that since I started using Purigen my nitrate readings consistantly read 20ppm less than they had prior. Great product, IMHO.
Not sure what you mean by "stripping" the tank. If it were me (and we know it's not) I'd be more inclined to do a good gravel vac and a 50% water change.
What "bacteria" booster will you be using? Exactly how long will you be gone? Hopefully whoever is feeding the tank while you're gone goes very LIGHTLY and not everyday. Once I had to let my discus tank go two weeks without a water change (horrors! LOL) and they were perfectly fine. I wouldn't trust anyone to do a water change on this tank anyway.

Welcome to TFK, happy to have you with us!

F4A 04-08-2011 12:27 AM

I've got the API Stress Zyme, and I'll be gone 5 weeks.

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