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fishfishfish111 06-27-2007 03:34 PM

breeding Electric yellow cichlids
hi, ive owned electric yellows for about 2 years and have learned first hand they breed hell or high water, but what i was wondering if anyone knew specifically how many each fish birthed. I was thinking about breed them as kind of a side income, i mean not anything like 1000$ bucks a month. But i was wondering more about if i had around 20 or 30 adults in a tank how many they would produce each month.


herefishy 06-27-2007 07:38 PM

I raise fish in order to help support my fishkeeping habit. I have, in the past, shipped out as many as $5200 in one 3 week period. I have, what I would consider, a state of the art fishroom. With 354 tanks (no, it's not a typo) I decided to set the facility up to be as little labor intensive as possible. Things such as automatic top off valves, reservoir tanks, racks(and racks and racks....) of tanks, shared air distribution, hospital tanks, breeder tanks, rearing tanks are just a few of the considerations you will need to hash out. At the present time, I cannot take a photo worth posting because of the funky lighting and cheap camera I currently own. My graphics board probably isn't the best either. That is soon going to change much to the cheer of some of the membership of the forum who wish to see some pics.
Cichlid spawns can vary from 12-20 to the proliferous Mozambique that can produce upward to 100 progeny at a single spawning. Most unique and rare species tend to have smaller spawns, 12-25 fry at a time. You say you have "Electric Yellows". A couple of fish are known in the trade by that name. You will have to be a little more specific before an accurate answer can be given. Either way, spawns tend to be in the small to middle ground(10-25 fry) when it comes to numbers.
My breeders are set up in a ratio of usually (1) male to (3-4) females. This helps to keep the females a little healthier and less beaten up. The male of the cichlid family is usually the aggressor in the mating ritual and can inflict bad, and sometimes fatal, injury to an unreceptive female. Hiding places are provided for the females, whether it be rock caves or artificial plants, or flower pots(also used for spawning by some species). Tanks are spartan and usually not decorated. Some are sans gravel with just foam filters. I do know of some hobbiests that keep a single species in a single "community" style tank. I do not know that they have any more success in spawning. I would think, however, that rearing the fry to sellable size may be a challenge due to predation.

SilverSurfer 06-28-2007 10:23 AM

Broods will indeed vary, anywhere from 15-50! Your larger broods will occur when they are just massive as mbuna do get big.

But as far as money intake, labs just dont bring much at all, their one of the more cheaper cichlids on the market if not cheapest.

If your looking at making some money with breeding fish, pleco's is where the money is at, longfin albinos', calico longfins, exotic's F1 fry.


Cichlids you do have to work a lil more to make it nearly selfsustaining. There are some that go for good bucks though, like African Lake Tang. Featherfins go for a pretty penny on babies. Shellies just take forever to grow to sellable size.

herefishy 06-30-2007 10:10 PM

If African cichlids are what you want to get into, then it's Victorians. Some sell for a small fortune at 1-2" in size. While some think plecs are the way to go, Vic's have a much larger income potential than plecostomus'. I currently have colonies of both and have found that most shops buy fewer catfish than other fish. If one were to look at most aquariums, they would see (1) plecostomus (normally) and many non-catfish swimming around the tank.

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