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bradley22 06-26-2007 10:24 PM

PH Going up and down all over the place
Hi Guys,

In my 2x 2ft tanks i am having some problems with the PH. I want my PH to be around the 7 mark (one tank guppies in it the other baramundi in it) both the tanks had a Reading of 8 and 4.5 i put some PH up in the tank with PH of 4.5 just to get it to more suitable level for the fish i was wondering what can cause such a varation in PH when my water from the Tap is neutral. What should i be careful in doing what could be possible causes for PH varations ?

Kind Regards


Lupin 06-26-2007 10:35 PM

You'll have to use crushed oyster shells placed in the filter to increase the pH. Peat, almond leaves or driftwoods can be used to lower the pH. pH adjusting chemicals tend to swing the pH which can harm or even kill your fish.

fish_4_all 06-26-2007 11:14 PM

It could be the substrate which is causing it and it could also be rocks or ornaments. What do you have for substrate and other things in each tank and please list them with which tank and the tanks pH.

bradley22 06-26-2007 11:51 PM

Tank 1: (PH 8 ) Has 1 piece of drift wood, 1 live plant and a small shipwreck ornament. The substrate is more of a white sand or fine gravel. It has 6 guppies 4 females 2 males and 4 mollies 3 female 1 male. has 2 internal filters both 450litres an hour :)

Tank 2: (PH 4.5) has 1 piece of drift wood 3 live plants and a piece of volcanic rock. Substrate is a sand base gravel natural colour. Tank has 1 peacock spiny eel and 2 baby baramundi (Native Australian fish) Using 2 internal filters one turns over 800L per hour the other 450 litres (more filtration because baramundi need high filtration of water. :)

fish_4_all 06-27-2007 12:36 AM

The volcanic rock would be my first guess. I would guess that there could be a fair number of different chemicals in it that are leeching out and dropping your pH. The best way to test this is to either take it out and soak it in vinegar and see if it fizzes. If you get any bubbles you have your answer. Even if you don't; rinse the rock really well and then soak it for 2 days then test the pH of the water, if it is lower than 7.0 the rock needs to go.

Tank 1 could have some crushed coral, shells or other things in it that are raising the pH so I would take a scoop out and test it also although it doesn;t seem to be enough to be harmful to the fish.

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