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Firebelly girrl 06-26-2007 08:45 PM

Pleco Hides??
Im moving my 6-7 inch common pleco from my 20 gallon, to my 55 gallon soon. I was wondering, what are good hides, for when they get 10 inches +?
I cannot afford pieces of driftwood, as their $70 for a ugly not even big piece, and i dont think it gives a pleco good hides anyways. Im concerened about this because in my 20, during the day, he hangs out in his cave suctioned onto the side, so im wondering, what can I use for his 'cave' when hes huge?! something that they dont sell in petstores... just something else. I know a lot of people use pvc pipe for when their younger, but do they sell pvc pipe that wide? I dont even know.. lol
Thank you!

fish_4_all 06-26-2007 08:58 PM

Well I have seen black pvc up to 16 inches across and corregated or smooth black plastic for drainage up to 8 feet in diameter so there should be something that will work for whatever size he gets to.

Some other options is to use glass jars, like the ones you get for pickles and cut the bottom off or just cut in half. It can be done but may not be my first choice for obvious splintering reasons. Ceramics is a another way to go if you have something local or sometimes you can special order them.

leifthebunny 06-26-2007 09:02 PM

You can get pretty decent sized PVC pipes (I think up to 24" diameter) from Home Despot or your local variant. The main issue with rocks is most stores don't have them that large so you end up stacking them. I lucked out with my LFS and got some pretty decent rocks, but it can be somewhat iffy.

herefishy 06-30-2007 11:02 PM

Make a cave by using rocks.

Falina 07-01-2007 07:48 AM


Originally Posted by herefishy
Make a cave by using rocks.

Or bogwood.

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