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GwenInNM 04-04-2011 04:58 PM

Guide me from here on fishless cycling please
I began cycling a 43 gal tank on 3/31, put in 2 pieces of shrimp in mesh bag, put in borrowed gravel from existing tank in a mesh bag in filter compartment (Aquaclear 70). Also used Microbe-lift to "jump start" and the next day got ammonia reading of 2.0. On Saturday had NITRATE reading of 10ppm. I have no kit to measure NITRITES, so I never tested that. Pulled shrimp out and now I'm waiting for ammonia to go down. I did a WC on Sunday to help, but not knowing if I should be letting the tank sit and do this itself, or if I can or should be doing WC to reduce ammonia. No fish are in the tank. I added a bit of fish food yesterday, but I don't know if I need to continue "feeding" the tank as it has ammonia reading today of 1.0 and nitrates of 20ppm. Since I've had ammonia readings on Sat. of 2.0 after I did a WC (was 2.0 before WC) and I only did a WC of 10 gal, it does look like ammonia is going down on its own. Is this what is suppose to happen? Should I do nothing from here? Should I keep adding fish food to feed - what??

Need some direction. Would like to move my existing fish over soon, so I can use the tank they're in for a QT tank for new fish I'm looking at getting.
Also, the tank was planted with many plants on Friday, 4/1/11.


InvertPlanet 04-04-2011 05:05 PM

yep .. just keep adding flake food etc to feed until you hit 0-0-40+ after 24 hours
then you do a BIG water change and you're good to go

Seanmiller09 04-04-2011 11:28 PM

You're on the right track, sounds like things are moving along quite fast, keep feeding it until it has fully cycled, then lightly vacuum the gravel depending on how many plants you added. (leaving a little bit of food in the substrate will break down to more ammonia, which will be converted to ammonium and rapidly absorbed by your plants. Sounds like you'll be adding fish very soon.

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