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FishFan 06-23-2007 10:50 PM

Gold Fish Loosing Color...
Glad to be here at Fish Forum.

I have 2 rather large Gold Fish in a 10 gallon tank (getting ready to graduate them to a 30 gallon tank soon) and they are very beautiful and smart fish. One is typical gold color and about 3.5 inches long and the other was a beautiful gold/white mix Shubunkin (I think) that is about 4.5 inches long. Both are about 15 mos. old and very healthy fish, however the latter has started to loose his gold color and now is almost completely white with just some gold over his eyes and around his mouth. He doesn't appear to be in any distress and otherwise looks very healthy. The gold color started leaving him about 3 weeks ago. I first thought of some type of disease or even possibly Ick but he appears very happy and healthy with no signs of illness. Is this typical of a Gold Fish? Will he stay this color from now on? Should I be concerned that he is diseased? The other fish is fine and still solid gold. What gives?

Thanks for any and all assistance in this matter.

Lupin 06-23-2007 10:58 PM to

Most goldfish do change color as they mature. What type of filtration do you operate? Water parameters? API liquid test kit is best recommended for accurate results.

Sufficient filtration and plenty of partial water changes are needed as goldfish are heavy waste producers. This will keep them happy in the meantime. 'Tis excellent that you are planning to upgrade the tank.;)

Good luck.:)

FishFan 06-24-2007 01:27 PM

Thanks for the speedy reply Lupin. Again I have a 10 gallon tank w/2 large gold fish (both very beautiful IMO) and a small gold mystery snail. The tank's filtered by an Aqua Tech charcoal insert filter for a 5-15 gallon system. I have a flexible bubble curtain under the gravel in the shape of an oval for aeration. Other than that, it's sparsely furnished (large clam shell for decoration, small colorful store bought decoration, and a large plastic plant in the back right corner) to give these big boys plenty of swimming room. Even though it's sparsely furnished, it's a very beautiful tank and the gold fish really move around in it making it an eye-catcher. I've done a water change today of about 50% and also used an algae tab to kill any of that off. Also a filter cartridge change. I'm now waiting just a few minutes before I add the snail back in to allow the chemical in the algae tab to works it's way out of the system.

I've checked both fish very closely today during maintenance. They both are clear eyed, frisky and appear to be doing super. The large one I was concerned with (changing colors) still has some gold scales around his face, around the upper part of his tail and just the occasional fleck here or there. The new white scales on this big boy are iridescent, "mother of pearl" and shiny. Sounds like he's just going through a color change now that he's about 1 1/2 old.

Thanks again friend,


Lupin 06-24-2007 09:07 PM

Nothing wrong with them from the sound of your post. Definitely a color change to me, otherwise, it'll be displaying signs of illnesses such as loss of appetite and listlessness.

Good luck.:)

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